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Monday, July 18, 2016

Digimon Tri Dub news


With the news that Digimon Tri would get a dub a while ago many hoped that a lot to almost all of the original Digimon voice actors would return but that would be nine impossible to not happen at all. BUT! Today we have an update on the Tri Dub cast and a lit of who will be back and the new voice actors.

Tai- Currently Unknown
Agumon- Tom Fahn
Greymon- Kyle Hebert

Matt- Vic Mignogna
Gabumon and Garurumon- Kirk Thornton

Sora- Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Biyomon- Currently Unknown
Birdramon- Melodee Spevack

Izzy- Mona Marshall
Tentomon and Kabuterimon- Jeff Nimoy

Joe- Robbie Daymond
Gomamon- R. Martin Klein

Mimi- Philece Sampler
Palmon- Anna Garduno
Togemon- Mari Devon

TK- Johnny Yong Bosch
Patamon- Laura Summer
Angemon- Dave Mallow

Kari- Tara Sands
Gatomon- Kate Higgins

Meiko- Cristina Vee
Meicoomon- Kate Higgins

Daigo- Doug Erholtz
Himekawa- Kate Higgins

I think it's obvious to anyone who has know this blog for a long time that the one actor who I'm glad came back was Tom Fhan, because Tom Fhan was Sho Fukamachi from Bio Booster armor the Guyver WHICH AGAIN my favorite anime of all time. I'm also glad a lot of other voice actors are coming back like  Kirk Thornton, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Melodee Spevack, Mona Marshall, the already announce Jeff Nimoy,  R. Martin Klein, Philece Sampler, Anna Garduno, Mari Devon,  Laura Summer, and finally Dave Mallow. 

for the new voice actors we have Vic Mignogna as Matt which is prety cool since I love FMA, only problem I see is that it's Edward Elric as Matt, I live Vic Mignogna but all i hear is Edward Elric. others include Johnny Young Bosh as T.K. which if you think about it like our first ever Power Ranger actor playing a Digimon sorta, though what gets me they have Doug Erholtz who was older T.K. in the zero 2 dub which is just WEIRD. Robbie Daymond will be out Joe which all I know from him is that he will Mumen Rider in the 1 punch Man Dub, excited to see him in that since also I really love 1 Punch Man.

Now we also have Kate Higgins who has done some good stuff here and their. Tara Sands who is another one of those Digimon Pokemon voice actors and lastly Cristina Vee not much to say about her but does some good stuff, also Kyle Hebert yes just yes.

so that just about to cover things here but we still don't have any voice actors on Tai or Biyomon, AND I SWEAR JOSHUA SETH IS JUST TEASING ALL OF US, YOU HERE ME HE IS JUST TEASING ALL OF US!

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