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Monday, July 25, 2016

SDCC Comic con Power Rangers 2016

SDCC was this year and oh boy so much things happened this year line New stuff with Marvel that will be no doubt awesome because Marvel is just awesome, some DC stuff that makes me think DC could be start making good movies finally, Kong Skull Island and lastly of course Power Rangers

Sources: Tokunation

Sources: Tokunation

First off a lot of great legacy Figures that are like Marvel Legions toys with glorious articulation and a build a figure piece. now the build a figures themselves are good to meh  the original Dino Megazords is awesome, the Astro Megazord figure look a tad bit off (can't really put my figures where exactly but it just does) and the Ninja Megazord is the weakest one of them all. and that make seance when you think about this Megazord build a figure comes in just 3 figures, so yeah. but the normal figures themselves are just awesome and really can't wait to see more in this scale. 

Sources: Tokunation

Next up is the Legacy Ninja Megazord that looks fantastic and almost like it was taken from the show to toy form, but their are 2 problems with the toy. 1 a leaning problem which all of these Legacy zords have had yeah all of them from the begin, And 2. this a more personal problem with me, chrome, and chrome is a thing that flakes off over time, just look at the legacy Megazord sword and the black gold one too. i really really do hope at the very lease they fix this some how in some way because so far all the Legacy stuff has almost all been hit and miss with their prices.

Sources: Tokunation
Ninja Steal has a poster and that's all really more will be at PMC which i am more then excited then about because I myself will be going to SDCC this year.

Sources: Tokunation

And the big thing right now is this the Power Rangers movie helmet and the first looks at the Dino coins, looking at them up constant they all have this square pattern and with the glossy effect on them they all look like they are bowling balls so um yeah. and yes the Dino coins which look like still in the earth themselves 

Sources: Henshin Grid
UNLESS YOU WENT TO SDCC ITSELF AND YOU GOT THIS BY LIONS GATE ON TWITTER. and the design works for what it is going for (that looks btw is Hollywood like) 

Sources: Tokunation
And also movie figures as well which are all eeeeeeehhhhhhh........ to be honest I mean just eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh is all I can say. sorry if I just can't go into detail much about these figures just they all look blob to me.

over all pretty good year I mean like their was like no new Dino Super Charge stuff as it were but still good I think and better then last years SDCC which had nothing new what so ever. 

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