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Monday, July 11, 2016

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger 4th Quarter toy scans

Sources: Tokunation 
Today we now have the 4th quarter scans of Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger and.. and... I'm at a lost of words people, like I truly am. SO the Zyuho Changer is getting a repaint and is called the Zyuho Changer Final a gold repaint of the normal Zyuho changer, and the wielder of this changer is Zyuho Birdman. YOU KNOW I joked a long time ago about Zyuho Birdman being Kaixa from Faiz but that's all it was a joke, I DIDN'T THINK THEY ACTUALLY  GO THROUGH WITH THE IDEA AND MAKE HIM A RANGER! I MEAN he has a cell phone that transformers him into like the rest of the rangers. IT REALLY IS KUSAKA FROM FUCKING FAIZ!!! and the ironic thing is that now his actor Masato Kusaka has been both a Rider and Ranger, I MEAN WHAT. AND ALSO one of the ironic things too is that the actor Atsushi Harada was also a Ranger in GOGOV as GoGreen and Kamen Rider Delta WHO WAS ALSO IN FUCKING FAIZ! I'M NOT GOING TO LIE I'M SPEECHLESS I TRULY AM, LIKE I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS I'M  LIKE AT A LOST OF WORDS HERE! I SWEAR THE WORLD IS TROLLING WITH ME!

OK besides all of that stuff making me go insane we also got a new Zyuho Auxiliary mecha Cube Octopus. Now this one is unique since it can be apart of the main mecha  and become a helicopter backpack which i think is really cool. 

And now we are onto the final mecha of the series "CUBE" Whale (i put it in quotation makes because it's more like Block Whale). which also transforms into Dodekai-Oh! and combined with all the the cubes forms Wild Tosai Dodeka King. Now Wild Tosai Dodeka King I... LOVE. I LOVE THIS MECHA A LOT, LIKE A REAL LOT. I LOVE THIS MECHA THEN MOST IF NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL, and their is a very good reason for that. 

You see ever since the Post Gokaiger era of Sentai final mecha have just looked either lazily design or just poorly design. I mean I give Go-Busters a little bit of leeway since they say in the show they were not meant to combine in the first place but really was a excuse for the Toys, and all others are just a no. I mean having a cluster Megazord is pretty cool and all but when Sentai does it so often and so many times it has a numb feeling, including the fact when not all Megazords combine, like yah we have not even really 5 Megazords that combine in to one (Yah including this their are only a total of 4 megazords that combine all of their megazords into 1 and I am also being generous to Go-Onger as well) and seeing this makes me happy right now I truly am they are using everything. and this needs to happen in Sentai more  using like all Mecha to be into 1 that really does not happen enough.

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