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Friday, July 15, 2016

first look at Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Sources: Tokunation

so yesterday at the time of this blog post their was an image of a Vinyl figure promoting the newest Kamen Rider season Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and many people were skeptical about it calming it maybe or maybe not. But the day after it is confirmed that this is the design of the 18 Heisei Rider series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. now my first thoughts in this were "WOW OK this...this is something" and not seeing it in whole with the other stuff i can now say that I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT ALL, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL OF THIS. and the best reason why i think that is for me is Nostalgia

Now I am a firm and strong believer that Nostalgia should not dictate something is good or bad, HENCE why i Give Sonic Adventure 2 so much crap since like almost all the reviews i find of it relate to involve in 1 way shape or form nostalgic. because i feel like something should be timeless (or at the very lease accessible to a millennials who want''s to get into retro gaming), and Ex- Aid stuff looks like something from my childhood like in the Mid 1990's their were so many pink neon green toys like dangerous moon shoes  Very select Tamagotchi's and by far the most jarring one of them all the Nickelodeon Clock, that moment when you realize that Ex-Aid was probably based off the Nickelodeon clock.

now when people looked at Ex-Aid design the first thing that came to their mind was Decade and Akiba Red fused with having SD Gundam eyes and a game pad, while i admit it was jarring at first the design has quickly grown on me and I am liking it. Besides sometimes you just gotta do something different and you can't always have badass bug of awesomeness. and for the SD gundam eyes well YAH their their is a chibi Ex-Aid looking guy and he looks adorable and transforms and is also Ex-Aid LV1. 

So getting to Ex-Aid drive he has the GamerDriver using this shows gimmick for the season the Gasshat which are like game cartridges. Ex-Aid belt is instering since that it can be folded in half which is already cool but it also works on leveling as well. The Chibi Gundam Ex-Aid is LV1 his normal Rider form is LV2 and with his red thing it's LV3 so that is very cool. Also the belts are like Gaim all over again with all the riders using the same belt 

And speaking of Rider their are going to be a lot or Riders for this season, we have Ex-Aid the pink green one but we also have Kamen Rider Snipe shooter Gamer (the one in the green cape),Kamen Rider Brave RPG Gamer (blue silver guy), Kamen Rider Racer the yellow and Ex-Aid's Bike, and finally Kamen Rider Genmu Black Ex Aid. as you could tell each one is based of a different type of video game style, Ex-Aid is Fighting (and while writing this I realize that Ex-Aid is probably based off of Little Mac from punch out, I mean it makes scene with his pink jacket and the green) Shooter, shooting games and FPS, Brave RPG's, Racer Racing games, and finally Genmu (Ow the EDGE) or just a simple repaint is all (I hope). I joked with my friends that we could get like a FPS Shooter ghost form and well i was right about that, so does this mean we will get a Rider based off of dating sims I joke but I was right about ZyouBirdman being Kusaka and i was right about that too. Now as you can see each one can level up  and with the Drago Knight Hunter Gashat their is a super cool looking form that well will wait and see

for the weapons we have the Gashacon Breaker a sword hammer for Ex-Aid Gashacon Magun Sniper weapon Gashacon Sword Gashacon Sparrow (my personal favorite) and finally Gashacon bug visor (i know weird).

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is like the only Kamen Rider I can think of in a very long time that i have been super excited for a Rider series in a long time. I mean a reason why that could be is probably nostalgic but i like to think it captures some toys look that was in the mid 1990's (or they are milking on nostalgic but i like my answer more) and I really do hope that after a while most of the shows budget is not given to Amazons. I know I keep bring up how Amazons ate away Ghosts Budget like every chance I can get but I'm just reminding you all that this could easily happen again with Ex-aid. And if this does happen again with Amazons season 2 well then the present of Toei really suck then, I mean he sucks already (for obvious reasons) but i'm just saying that's just a shitty thing to do really.

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