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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger ratings are now the WORST?!

Image result for spongebob coffee meme
Oh geese, like Geese... I was hoping this was just a bad dream but NO I'm wrong, very wrong. So Yesterday is when some ratings for Zyuohger came out and it showed that they were bad like some of the worst in a long time. here is the actual picture detailing this (this picture with Spongebob better helped how I feel).

I mean just WOW that's bad like REALLY BAD! And for extra salt in the wounds the toy Sales for Ninninger were garbage as well (we don't know anything about the Zyuohger toy sales yet but just word of mouth it's doing OK). I don't get it honestly like this show is fantastic since like this show has fantastic writing in it (and also a red who I love and don't think is dumb and hogs the center of attention from the other rangers). BUT for SOME REASON we this show is like now the worst then Go-Busters? I don't know what's going on people I really don't that's all I can say. and If Kyuuranger does not pull in the ratings or even toy sales I don't know is the thing I just do not know.

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