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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kamen Rider Agito Review part 3


Shouichi/ Agito
I’m getting this out of the way right now I am not a fan of Shuichi at all. At best he's is a dumb idiot and at worse he's a selfish control freak (he does that too often for me to give a good example). It also took me a while for me to realize why Shouichi didn't work for me as a main charter and that would be because he is hardly in the show. For A long of time he is hardly in this show and he is the main charter. I know people will say "What about Kenzaki from blade?" which I reply with yes you got me their but the thing is I like Kenzaki more is the thing.

I know I would not compare to Godai since this is more of a spin off then sequel but since this is a sequel series I have to do it. Godai did not have too much in charter (and argue he was bland at times) but he was a badass who sacrifice himself for everyone else. Shouichi on the other hand felt more like a Gary Stu at time (not like Takaharu levels but still) with powers coming out of nowhere and being praised. Hell Godai worked to get to his badass levels as he did.

Also add in the fact he gave his Agito seed to the OverLord for real no good reason what so ever you can see why I do not think to highly of him. While I may not have seen every single rider series yet I can’t say he is the worst main rider of all time but I can say that he is not my favorite.

Hikawa/ G3/ G3-X
Hikawa's my favorite Rider in the show, while being brash and hard headed him had a determined and never give up attitude. At times while the show makes fun of him (and hurts a lot actually) he still manage to say awesome. I mean heck even when his body is badly bused he works out because he still manage to prove he is the proper user of the G3 user. And even without the Armor he is a fine dative as well solving a bunch of cases and using deceive work it was such a delight seeing him over come all the obstacles to prove his is the proper user of the G3 armor. You know if Agito was a real sequel to Kuuga i could totally see Ichijo would have had ended up being G3 but for what we did get Hikawa is still awesome in his own right.

Ryou/ Gills
POOR, POOR, POOR, RYOU! I do mean that, out of all the 3 riders Ryou had it the roughest with the world keep kicking him even when he's down. I mean from the very start of the show you can tell he would hated him from all his friends abandoning him, his swim coach leaving him too, and just about all his love interest dying on him as well. the world truly does hate Ryou and even the normal Gills suit is destroyed from heavy water Damage as well so that explains why we keep seeing more Gills Exceed more than normal Gills (do question why doesn’t Toei make another Gills suit Oh yeah that's right that show). I mean the only good thing that does happen to him is he get a puppet at the end of the show so 2 good thing for him. I mean it gets to a point where so much bad stuff happens to him you want to punch someone (me it's Shouichi for too much good stuff happens to him).

The Good

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The 3 rider’s styles
Agito rider’s suits were a highlight for the show with having 3 unique distingue with having the machine police by G3, The organic and violent/ brute powered that is Gills, and finally the standard form change rider costume of Agito. All 3 are different but the contras is great with hem all. And it even shows in their personality’s the one who is stuck up, the one with the world hates them, and finally the on that fears to be a monster all Showa rider personalities, mind you they fail at doing so but still I see what they were going for.

Agito TV special
It’s sad when just 44 minutes of screen time can do charters more justice then like about just 10-20 episodes. I hated Shuichi but after this special I actually somewhat like the guy. The charters in here had more growth then the show itself with also the shining form making more sense and how Shuichi earned it. Also Houjou punched in the face, AGAIN! And Shouichi is punched as well.

The Bad

The writing
The writing in this show is very poorly written, what with a ton of plot points that over stay their welcome, plot points that come and never explained and also a feeling of this needed another draft. And at worse at times this feels like I am watching Faiz just slightly better though.

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The OverLord
The Overlord is a joke of a villain like I swear everything that comes out of his mouth is a contrition. At first he says he wants to save humanity from the unknowns and then kill the humans, he wants to save Agito but then wants to go ahead want’s him dead. Again have not seen every single rider villain but he is in the top tear.

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Just fuck Houjou he really got me so mad at this show that just he alone made me watching this series unbearable like he was just bad like really bad. He is an asshole, and liar, a low life, a manipulator, a shack of shit, unpleasant, deceive, a wanker basically he sucks. Now the reason why I do not consider him like any higher in the list is because people tell him in his place. Like yeah people tell him off and all the crap he does because of this alone I do not put him higher in my books. And believe me he could have been much worse… MUCH WORSE!

The Grey Area

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The Charters
There is a ton of charters in this show and unlike Kuuga where there is an abundant amount of charters that are useful or just likeable. But here a majority of the supporting charters are either assholes are not useful. Don’t get me wrong there are charters I like such as Hikawa and Ryou but there were charters I hated like Hojou and Taichi or even kino, hell you could get rid of like Taichi a more annoying charters that would be wonderful things would be better in the long run. But it does not matter in the end though everyone and I do mean EVERYONE is at some point cruel as hell and have a dark side to them  as well till very latter on in the show and like Ttaichi another one would have to be with gills and Agito fighting because if looks like.

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The Unknowns
I’m sorry but I’m putting them on the list. While yes the Unknowns are on the list I did praise them in the beginning that they were handled well with their origins but through the show they are their origins are rather screw over at 1 point they are they are either Humans beyond human evolution, the OverLord Hates them but yet are able to create them. I’m sure there is a better understanding of their origins in some expanded medium out their but still its head scratching with their origin.

The Music
This is very objective option right here BUT the music did not do it for me what so ever. While not all the music is bad mind you but theirs problems with how the soundtrack is utilize, and some legit problems with the music as well. Take the opening, probably one of the weakest openings in a Kamen Rider openings I heard, the singer sounds bored out of his mind and the lyrics doesn’t make any sense either. And on top of that how the sound track is utilize like they play the song and then cut out I mean that would not be so bad… if it did not happen 3 times. And on top of that like the first theme of the show Believe yourself play in the first half of the show and then Deep Breath plays as well proving a better transition but they screw that up with playing Believe yourself AFTER Deep Breath. I mean it’s like imagine herring Ranbu Escalation and cuts out 2/3 the way in just to play Never Surrender and instead of seeing Kaito it’s Micchy being showed in the scene. But defiantly the one that takes the cake is when Shouichi is eating and they play half of Deep Breath I started to laugh more than anything else

Final Verdict 6/10
This show is disappointing despite all my negative I gave to worse this show I do not hate it because there is a good show in here somewhere but the thing in there is just too much stuff to get through to actually enjoy it. I know I am a minority to not enjoying this show compare to others but that’s how it is. I mean you could say that I may like Kuuga more than this show so I am being bios which you’re not wrong by the way but still the fact of the matter is that I just find the show to be just… OK.

And so ends my last review to come for quite some time. You see for the longest time I have always wanted to do comics and after a lot of LIFE EXPERIENCES as it were I decide to go ahead and start on my ambush project. Not sure if it will be what I hope it will be but I’m going to try regardless and so then I will devoting more of my time to worse that instead. So sorry to the people that does see these reviews and thoughts but I have my own dreams, but I will still report the news however. and I also say thank you to the people that do read these reviews I do appreciate  it 

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