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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Power Rangers 2017 movie first TEASER TRAILER

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Yes finally, at this year’s NYCC we finally got our first look at the new Power Rangers movie TEASER TRAILER, so what I am going to do is give a rundown of the trailer with my thoughts and at the end give the backlash of what the fandom thought. The link for the trailer can be found here

The TEASER TRAILER with the red ranger and a wreck car and him saying this is to remind him of his screw up and then he is spending dentition during the weekend  just to graduate and other people are picking on the rangers themselves because the thing is teenagers are assholes and then go to this rock place and see their power coins and then come the morning they have civilian powers and then some action shots with then Rita saying she killed Ranger before with then the TEASER TRAILER ending with the rangers suites coming onto the Rangers themselves. I know i did not go that much into detail but there are people better at it then me.

So my thoughts on this TEASER TRAILER are just OK. It's really not saying that much since Trailers in general suck, I can't pick a center 1 that comes to my mind because well that's just how it is Trailers suck in general. Now you have seen thought this post that I have been using TEASER TRAILER all in caps. Well I'm doing it since most people don't seem to realize it and just been saying trailer which explains why the suites are not completely showed but then again having 1 TEASER TRAILER come out 6 months before your movie is bad marketing as well. 

SO fan Backlash, it's rather positive if you can believe it. Going to Lionsgate Movie on Youtube page we can see at the time of making this post the trailer currently has 7,775,984 views with 93,328 likes and 7,014 dislikes which i think is rather good and a lot of Power Ranger YouTubers have been saying good things about this trailer. Then again I think they had the mind set of they knew this would be grim gritty and this came out so much better then expletive which is why they are saying good things about this TEASER TRAILER! And the same can be said for me as well.

I really do hope this movie does well because Power Rangers as a Franchise is a good one it's just that it has ALWAYS had a poor budget and also just poor management of the franchise which makes Power Rangers a Niche Market which should be bigger than it actually should be. And I really do hope with this movie it can change all of it. Either that or become like Michael Bay movies where they are dumb and boring and dark and the real money of this movie is made from China, because that is how movies make money these days.

Also an update Goldar has been announce to be in the movie and on an unrelated note yesterday on Twitter Ron Perlman RT the movie trailer and insistently removed it strange don't you think?

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