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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kamen Rider Agito Review Part 2

Episode 26: Restored Memories
When both Gills and Agito fight one another Shouichi is knocked into a bay of water and remembers, remembers he had a sister that committed suicide and she had a boyfriend named Shouichi Tsugami. You see the Shouichi we have been following is really not named Shouichi Tsugami but really named Tetsuya Sawaki and the name of Shouichi Tsugami, but for the rest of the review I will still call Agito Shouichi Tsugami because it is much easier on writing this review. So back to Agito's sister the reason why she committed suicide is the fact that she had an Agito seed in her body. YES you see she was the first Agito and after finding out about this she could not bear it anymore so she deiced to end it.

This was very emotional and made Shouichi start acting more serious FOR THE 1 EPISODE THIS HAPPENED! YEAH after Shouichi found out about this he then out of the bloom he has amnesia AGAIN because I really do not know why from what I got it was to show off Agito's Trinity form just the buy the Souchaku Henshin Agito figure (and that form was also never showed again after the 2 episodes). I'm not going to lie this really pissed me off and this was a lot of bull shit to take in I do think! But also from this we learn that the real Shouichi is partner with the overlord.

Episode 30:
 At this point we finally learn why Shouichi has amnesia is that on the ship that his sister got tickets for he went instead and their the white OverLord was there and gave Shouichi his powers and the Unknown came and knock him off the boat which ended up giving him amnesia (which still does not explain how the Agito can control his actions). I bring that up because that very same Unknown comes back and defeats everyone with no ease. And from the same monster that attacked Shouichi he says they must kill humans because they will become more Agito's. And again out of the bloom Agito get burning form. Like comes out of nowhere which I should expect at this point.

Burning Form looks good going for a next stage evolution with it looking like he is evolving and also I want to say that Agito is the first to have the super form and not Faiz Axel but I think that at lease. Also he get shining form which comes out of YOU GUESS IT the bloom. Well that is if you saw it in the show because there was a made for TV Special called the Kamen Rider Agito Another transformation where it had where it goes into detail also how Shouichi lives with the Kazaya's how we got his bike and also an great  anniversary special as well. It had Kunieda Higashi was played by Masaki Kyomoto who was also Ryusuke Taki in Kamen Rider Black and even had the same bike he did have in the show as well. But we also find out that Shouichi was not the only one on that ship who became an Agito.

Episode 36: The Forth Man
Another Rider appears named, Another... Agito, I know crappy name even though the suit is rather nice looking. He is Kino Kaoru, Doctor Kino Kaoru who is a brilliant surgeon (like word on 2 patients at once) and he does this because of his younger brother when both him and his brother went hiking in the snowy motions his younger brother die and Kino got frost bight in his right arm for thin him to get his dead younger brothers arm which yeah that's fucking morbid I think. 

Image result for kamen rider agito all riders
Unlike Gills he does not join Agito and the other but just work aside them just to fight the overlord because he attack the others for there should be just 1 Agito and that is him. and he is a beast on the other riders and even attacking Gills which then gives him another transformation Kamen Rider Gills Exceed which is super badass with the reds on it and tentacles BECAUSE... Kino is a charter who steals the spotlight of the show like when he appears Shouichi vanishes from the show almost entirely from the show. He did as much as he could do with what being introduce late into the show as possible and he was an inserting charter. Sad I could say the same about the normal Agito and i'll explain why that is now.

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Episode 46: Warriors Bond 
IT TAKES THIS LONG FOR THE OVERLORD JACK TO FINALLY A THING... Oh I mean The Overlord gets off his lazy ass and starts to get all the Agito Seeds for Agito pissing him off and he get both Gills and Another Agito's seed (yeah he could do that the whole time, I would complain but from just images alone we see that it takes a tole on his body so that is understandable).

But now come to the part of Kamen Rider Agito where it just dropped the ball for me, Shouichi gives up his seed for the OverLord (gross) but seriously I have problems with this. with good intent in mind Shouichi is doing something good because he really does think he could act violent and harm others, only thing is that he has never done that what so ever at all in the show itself he never acted out in range and hurt anyone at all. you could bring up the fact he did in A new Transformation but thing is it's not in continuity I think because Houjou saw who Agito is and it took more episodes in show to do the same thing all over again and he would so not forget because a punch to the face.

And this really comes back to get Shouichi because Mana is then attacked and he almost dies so he did this all for nothing I mean the OverLord did not say he would leave them alone or anything like that. This I believe is Shouichi at his worst him doing something stupid even though he has never showed any violent act to worse anyone. But I guess whatever G3-X comes in be a badass and takes all the seeds back so the 3 riders defeat an Unknown (like an average Unknown that 1 rider could have had defeated) and Sadly Kino dies. Like I said this is where the show drops the ball for me and I was just face palming myself the whole time. I mean Shouichi was just OK but after this episode I'm not a fan of him

Episode 51:Agito
1 month after the battle with the OverLord fight with the Unknown attack and police team thinking about getting rid of the G3-X since there has been no activity (I mean it's a better explanation over SMF and Orion leaving the show). Shouichi meets up with his old cooking teacher and wants him to help him with his restaurant he is opening up, and Ryou is going to be a maniac with this man who helped out with his bike because he's getting old for this shit. AND THEN they fight the overlord for the final time and then the show wraps up.

 I know it sounds like that was an abrupt subsistence but it is only because it is true. Like I was surprise that the show ended like it was not a great ending Houjou wore the G3-X armor which did not amount to a thing really and it is implied that him and Ozwa get tougher at the end which I’m like go to hell Inue but did not hate it because there is this scene where it played out like his sister committing suicide but he does save her again I know quick but that is what type of ending it had on me.

The overlord is now plan BTW to go ahead and move stars around and remaking humanity. SO WAIT... he was revive through cloning, wears black and want's to re make the world all over again I know who this guy reminds me of now. I have been playing a tone of Final Fantasy 7 lately and also I'm a Malenile wrap your head around that.

Best episodes
Episode 12: Houjo get punch in the face
Episode 22-25: The G3-X Arc
Episode 28: proving indeed you can do a kid centrist plot without being awful (like this was a very, very, very good episode and go watch this. it's that good)

WORST Episode
Episode 26: The stupid of erasing Shouichi's memory
Episode 46: Where Shouichi gives up the Agito seed for no real good reason 

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