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Friday, October 28, 2016

Power Rangers 2017 movie toys first look

Sources: Tokunation

yes today which came very quickly and suddenly out of no where where we gotten the movie Morpher, the Red Ranger's sword and the Red Ranger's T-rex Zord, with also each one having a description for the toy itself

First off is the Ranger's Morphers which looks like a combination of the ghost Drive from Kamen Rider Ghost (more proff of that is how organic it looks), or other people have had suggested the Agito Driver with the Core Metals from OOO's, and also those Legend Ride Belt with that handle.
and it's descriptions is "This is the mysterious device that will allow the new team of heroes to transform into Ranger! The Morpher will be sold with 5 Legendary Power Coins and feature special lights & sounds."

Next up is the red ranger's sword (because despite the tone of this movie the Red Ranger will always get the toys made after him) we can see it can glow up like an energy blade can. More detail is that the design of the sword itself is that it has bone trail like bones from a T-Rex tail would have. and for a while now it was confusing how you can put your hand to hold this sword till now with this video. so my theory of being a 2 handle Axe like blade is gone but it is now this arm blade like weapon, WHICH while not being MMPR... is still a cool looking weapon (even more cool if it did a whip like weapon as well just like Zyuohger did). Here is the description for the sword "The Red Ranger Power Sword! Red Rangers’ signature weapon, has two modes- Training and Battle."

Finally is the T-Rex Megazord which is big like a very big toy (more on that in a bit) and before i continue more it look similar to this T-Rex Zord right here. and with this being a prototype it won't look as good as the final version will which is why it look a bit cheap. but I got to say this is not a bad design to be honest with a giant robot T-Rex with a freaking laser on it's back it's not that bad (maybe a bit over design maybe but still nice). Now getting back to size this is a big Zord and it can also house the head of the Zord as well and you can see it here. And YEAH this is a VERY BIG ZORD (with also probably a big price as well) and might as also well go down in as probably one of the biggest Megazords their is, will need to beat the Pyramidas megazord/ King Pyramider from Zeo/ Ohranger and also the Magma Base from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. The description for toy is "T-Rex Battle Zord! The Red Rangers’ personal Zord has special launching missiles and comes with a miniature Red Ranger figure. This Battle Zord can connect with other Zords to create the mighty towering Megazord!".

Overall this is rather nice and actually giving some hope this movie could do well, or i am still optimistic so it can bring the power rangers franchise to some good light and make it actually good and not a mockery that it is.  

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