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Friday, January 20, 2017

Power Rangers 2017 Movie *OFFICIAL TRAILER!* Thoughts

THIS TRAILER, THIS... TRAILER MAN! SO EPIC! which really that is all I have to say
I haven't seen a movie trailer this good or I have been excited for in such a long time and it was just so DAMN EPIC! I just want it NOW because I enjoyed it that much. I can not begin to tell you how many times I watch it on Youtube!

It has taken forever but here it is the OFFICIAL Power Rangers 2017 movie TRAILER is finally out now and again it was so damn epic. looking at the Youtube Video it has almost 6,000,000 views with 60,000 likes and 5,000 dislikes which I have to say is pretty good, it was even trending at #1 on Youtube for quite some time when Logan and Kong Skull Island Trailer came out the same day, but thrown by the Gorillaz new song but still #2 which is good still.  many people (including myself) where were men in the movie are now like WOW and this trailer aways them into liking this movie because this movie is just so awesome looking. So here I will be giving a reaction to my thoughts on the moive (but no pictures sry but this is how it works now saddly but you can still see the movie footage from the trailer).

The Trailer begins dark feeling that was featured in the trailer with them admitting that they are all screw ups. But the trailer changes quickly and we get a comedic moment when the rangers fall down the crack and their powers are glowing when Zack says that he is black when Billy says that he is not (because of inside joke with the show). We then get a shot of the command center which is an alien space ship which is no surprise really if you think about it.

We also now see what Bryan Cranston looks like as Zordon which looks pretty nice. Granted it looks like Bryan Cranston's face on one of those 3D Pin art toys. And his voice is not deepened at all or modified, BUT IT'S Bryan Cranston so that's all you need! But back to Zordon design, a lot of people seem to love it with it being a moving wall for more dynamic angles which honestly is much welcomed instead of being just a floating head in a tube. We also get Alpha 5 who is still OK (if only because of the eyes but still better in motion than a still image. 
Cut to Trini talking to her Brothers I assume and she is saying that they went to a space ship where they became superheroes where her mom tells her to pee in that cup which yeah some more adult humor (which even I chuckled at it). Later on, Rita appears who has some green stuff growing from her body... Green Ranger confirmed for the sequel? but also the Putties where are more monstrous this time and an actual threat that you need to Morph as soon as possible. 

The next show is than Jason (I believe) says it's morphing time where everyone transforms, on this pad. Which THAT could actually be a reference to Himitsu Sentai Goranger! Where the GoRangers themselves could only transform that way, But maybe later on in the movie, they will get the Morpher to morph at free wills, like near the end. which THAT"S cool. Next is this BADASS shot of them all walking tougher which that is just incredible, and did do a superhero pose (Deadpool would be so proud). Let's talk about the suites for a second, up to this point the suits were not the best design (Still aren't)  but looking at the suits in motion like how they are, they all look wonderful and glorious (which means I can still keep calling ToQGer the worst design sentai Suits ever). 

Now we come to the part of the trailer where I feel like this will be a great movie. It's where Billy is kicking some Putties and it dawns on me that just now why I love this scene so much. in this show this 1 shot there is NO a shaky cam, NO fights at night time, NO super close up on the charter (on your point of view). BUT clear, focus, and can see everything that is happing. I mean name me the last time where there was an action movie that did NOT have the shaky cam, Fight scenes at night time, and was not super close up where you could not see what was happening in the last 5 years!

now we get to the Zords where they look pretty good... for what they are with a robot mammoth having 8 legs, I mean rendering wise the designs still take it or leave it (in the desert of Arizona). And for some reason, the rangers are helmetless when they are in the cockpits of the Megazord, weird. And Goldar which... YEAH! We also get to what I would also say is the other part of this movie Jason helping out this man or his dad in this car and showing his fist of him which yeah is truly heroics, so suck it BVS! 

And this trailer ends with The Megazord rising from the dust and Holy Crap was epic when the Megazord punched Goldar in the face. But The Megazord itself it looks pretty nice, I mean it looks more like a Pacific Rim looking robot compares to the original Megazord but this is still nice design we do have here. And HAY it could be worse it could be a Bayformer where it has metal hanging all over te place, but here it is done well. and that MMPR theme at the end of the trailer, perfect!

Now there are some things I also want to add to this with 1. The CGI in the movie I mean the rendering for it is so Damn great looking like the really top notch for sure. 2nd did you notes that when Zordon's face arose from the wall there was a red wave, and how his makeshift putties also have a red glow to them? WHICH could prove that point people were saying that Zordon cold indeed is the Red Ranger and maybe that shot of the Red Ranger crawling from the muddy water be from a flashback with him as the Red Ranger? Lastly, Zordon say's that Power Rangers were a Legion of warriors, which could lead itself other Power Rangers from the Past (like Lost Galaxy Rangers? or other Rangers to that caliber?) 

So I loved this movie trailer if you could not tell by now and 100% on this hype train. In the entire movie Trailer, I was just smiling from having so much fun. And to you, naysayers and will think that this will just be another Fan4stic NO IT WON'T! This movie looks so good and will bring Justice to the Name Power Rangers. I really think it is a time that Power Rangers is back in the Publics eye and 2017 is looking to be a good year for Power Ranger Fans!

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