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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Power Rangers 2017 movie *OFFICIAL TRAILER!*

Today the OFFICIAL Power Rangers 2017 movie trailer aired today, while the first trailer was well, to be honest, it looked just about like every single DC comic book movie ever with some fun stuff sprinkled in to make it ok. Which everyone was like this looks bad and for months now the marketing and hype has gone down. until today with this OFFICIAL TRAILER came today and was FREAKIN AWESOME! talk about a complete 180 for this movie.

I wish I could do more of an analyzes on this trailer but SRY this time guys I have to attend the Masked Rider Review more. not saying that I will to an analysis of this trailer or not but this trailer is awesome and I am so hyped for this movie. And this movie SO does not look like it will be a disgrace to the name Power Rangers AT ALL.

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