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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saban's Masked Rider Review Part 2

Update Before we get started an update, I have gone back to Digital-Ranger once again Stuff happened so please forgive my for that I do apology for doing that.
The Charters

Yes I am going into Detail on these charters because these charters pretty bad honestly

Dex/ Mask Rider

As the main character of the show and the Mask Rider Himself, he is pretty bland (but easily Saban TV show and what do you expect). But he really shouldn't be because he's a prince, from another planet, his mom and dad are implied dead, and probably the import thing also is his uncle is trying to take his powers and rule his planet. But none of this is ever explained on at ALL! Now here is what pisses me off about Dex that not many people talk about.

When Dex arrives in a neighborhood instead of going to things like the police or the millinery or president to alert them or get help with him fighting off against this alien armada. Which has already rules over his planet and probably going to do the same to this one? If he told people about this then he could have had gotten some resources to help him out to down Count Dregon Sooner. But instead live his life as a normal Teenager in Highschool... but WHY? WHY DOES HE NEED TO BE A TEENAGER IN HIGHSCHOOL, HE'S GOING TO BE A PRINCE WHEN HE GROWS UP!

Which leads me into my 2nd complaint about Dex. He NEVER at all acts like a prince or takes any actions what so ever, instead of learning and becoming a prince he's a jackass doing things on earth which he could be doing to try and save his already Doomed Planet! Instead of training and becoming better he watches TV all Night Long. So he is dooming his planet and probably Earth because he would rather watch TV instead of using his vast array of powers to end Count Dregon as possible. and it's more unearthing when at the end of the show Dex doesn't even come back to his own Planet! So Fuck you DEX, FUCK YOU for dooming your whole race and killing everyone on your planet and Earth!  FUCK YOU DEX! you are one of the WORST RIDER EVER! FUCK YOU DEX!

The Stewart Family
They are basic as well are basically any stereotype family sitcom family who are tropes then actually family (and also Sitcoms need to die about a decade ago). A personal thing that made me mad was how the family reacted to worse Dex and his arrival to earth and how they had no reaction to it at all. they just accepted Dex being an Alien in the first place and there was really no reaction AT ALL.  Considering that he has all these crazy powers that I listed off in part one that is a lot to take in. In my opinion, it would have helped if there was a Straight man in the family who reacted to all the crazy that Dex did in this show, it would have helped this show a lot instead of being annoying. I mean the mom cares more about her garden getting crushed is more important then there is an alien that is.

Molly & Herby
A poor man's bulk and skull if I ever saw one. They nothing more than a carbon copy of Bulk and Skull from Season 2 of Mighty Morphin, the find out who is under the mask as it were. And as such, they are just there for slapstick humor and for other jokes as well. And I just don't feel like talking about them since THEY SUCK REALLY!

The Music
The opening of this show SUCKS! The Prologue of this show takes up about 32 seconds of the 1 minute and opening. But after that, the rest of the opening is nothing more than just the show saying MASKED RIDER over and over again with some generic/ bland guitar riff music. Here's a good question for you all, Saban's Masked Rider Music or Neo Saban's Music?

Now for the Background Music... I will forgive IF and ONLY IF the Music was used in the Digimon Dub. Otherwise, the music is just OK and ONLY OK! Although even the Digimon Dub only used the good background songs in this show. But even then when the music is playing the good songs they screw up also with them playing light-hearted music over the villains talking.

The Good

Robo Rider
As I said before I do give the American team that they honestly did a rather OK job wth how they handled it But then again how Toei has handled the charter is pretty disgusting in making him the evilest villain ever.

The 2 Transformation Sequences
Again I give this to the American team also with the first Transformation sequence Dex has. While Super Blue did not get one sadly these 2 transformation sequences Dex has are still acceptable transformation sequences. With that being said that will be all the good things I will say about this show and now it is time for numerous amount of bad in the show.

The Bad

The Writing
The writing is just plain awful, cringe, bad, disgusting,  and just downright GARBAGE. There are some ideas and potential here (with the rider 2 Parter) but any potential is quickly diminished or just outright awful. if you have seen the first 2 episodes you have seen them all. Just a bad Power Rangers Knock Off, bad filler episode in general, Cringe-worthy in dialogue at times. Something's be both 40 episodes long and also have no story attached to it at all which mean absolutely nothing in the long run. with AGAIN Dex's Powers!


The Villains
They're BAD, JUST BAD! At first, they seemed ok they even had a good reason on why they send only a monster a week to fight Dex which was if there were too much of them it would be too much for Count Dregon to handle. BUT quickly shot down because 1 episode he just sent then down 1 after another., WHY DID He just do this all the time? To be 40 episodes long.
But it is still worse since again they could spy on Dex whenever they wanted to at any angle and just thrown a bomb in his house then they felt like it. I know I keep repeating myself on this but it is only because this flaw is so glaring it HURTS!

The Cinematography
Out of everything bad in this show, this would have to take the cake! besides how the stock footage used/ censored. Whenever there are American fight scenes at all with it being stiff, badly made, or just hard to keep track of what is happening in the first place.What is even worse is that the Masked Rider in the MMPR season 3 premiere handled the fight scenes better in just about every aspect.
The worst it got was in episode 14 where they used the ZO movie footage and in it and when Dex defeats the monster from ZO the episode then ends not even doing anything regarding about the previous monster as well. yes, this is how badly the stock footage is used in this show/ the people on this did not care at all! even at the time, they did not use their own pyrotechnics for some shots which are what this image right here is. Speaking of the footage how the footage was used was just used to burns footage weather if it makes sense or not where scenes go from a rocky mountain to a library with no explanations well.  but also the ZO and J movie footage are so obvious it really is just the worst.

Or whenever Dex Transformers sequence plays out in full and you have to see his transformation sequences 2x in every episode. Could you imagine if Toei did that in a real Kamen Rider show (oh wait for Ex-Aid shows off the full transformation sequence in every episode)? Or the time could be spent on Ferbus getting his friends in danger,  and he waste so much damn time as well with could have gone to doing anything else (or they used it to basically to fill out time for the episode which ever works I guess also this little furry bastard is like super smart and also knows how to protect himself from a burger but yet not know how to open a box. but

Final Verdict
This is a pretty bad show and that's all really!
Before you ask this show defiantly get the X Various Award seal of failure because it's so bad.
where this goes on my rider show rankings is down at the bottom but still would want this over FAIZ NOWHERE ME OUT!

Why I Chose Saban's Masked Rider is because it is bad. BUT I would also argue that if you're good at riffing this would be a good riff on for just how bad a show it is. But with Faiz, it is so serious, so bad, so edgy, and just hard to get through it leaves you lifeless and just wanting to get it over with (or how I felt in the show)!Saban's Masked Rider is just plain garbage show with bad acting, bad cinematography, bad music, bad charters, and just BAD EVERYTHING REALLY!  and this show really really was just a cash in on Power Rangers by Saban himself and this show really is best-left-forgotten in the past. but sadly stuff from this show and even era still plague the Neo Saban Era. Looking back at this stuff as well these are still problems that are still inherent in the Neo Saban Era of Power Rangers as well with things like something's cringe dialog, villains with little personality, sometimes bad fight scenes. Maybe it could change soon or maybe not that is left up to the future.

So yeah People I am back now and coming back with a bang again people and doing some different stuff as well for this Blog. come Back Next week and I will do something brand new soon enough.

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