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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Digimon Tri Blu-Ray and DVD release information


So today we now FINALLY after waiting for a long time we now know when the Digimon Tri Bluray and DVD American distribution rights and now we finally know the answer to that and it's awesome Shout Factory that now has the Rights to release part's 1-3 with both American and Japanese Audio on DVD, Blu-ray, and legal digital Download. Thier has been no price or date given to the release of the Blu ray's and DVD's and legal digital download BUT if you live in the UK Manga UK Part 1 will release on March 20th of this year. This is very awesome news since this is Shout Factory and all and has gained so much trust from the Power Rangers fandom with their Power Rangers and Super Sentai releases (now if only the can get the rights from new video Group for the other seasons)!

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