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Monday, July 22, 2013

Kamen Rider Black RX Review

Warning this is my thoughts on the show and you can disagreed with me on thing and will contain some spoilers on the show. 
After a period of time Minami Kotaro (after the events of Black) has now found a job as a helicopter pilot and is now living with the Sahara Family. But the Crisis Fortress has abducted him and ask him to fight with them using his Kamen Rider Black powers to Rule the Earth. He says no of course and proceeded into outer space to die. But his King Stone gets more power form the sun and reborn into Kamen Rider Black RX. And now he must fight the Crisis with his re built motorcycle Acrobatter and car Ridon
My Thoughts 
My own experience with the show was you didn't need to watch Black to watch this other then a few episodes of Black. And the obvious comparing this to Saban's Mask Rider. I have never seen the show just some clips here and their so i can not say the show is good or bad (But I do agreed with you people on 1 thing Ferbus, JUST F***ING FERBUS).
Minami Kotaro- Kamen Rider Black RX: Kotaro is still the same guy as he was in Black but he dose still charted development. in the show he is now learning to work with other people an in return helps other in return.

Joe: Joe began out as a control fighter for the Crisis Empire but thanks to Kotaro he is free. Joe helps Kotaro and his plans to stop the Crisis plan also Joe is for comedy. Also look up Joe actor Rikiay Koyama he has done a lot of anime voices and guess star in things as Blue SWAT and Goseiger.

Reiko: Reiko is a forced charter she is Kotaro girlfriend but they express that for a while, she a photographer but little come out of that, she is the lease develop.

I wana get this out of the way Black RX is my favorite Kamen Rider opening ever. the music is great with rock music and the 80's music at the time with epic troumps. I recommend Kuroi Yuusha
The Good
  • The 1st Rider to have many forms: this is a simpler time and just have 3 forms basic RX, Robo Rider total badass, and Bio Rider turns into water (unlike wizard which has so many forms and so little use).
  • The return of Shadow Moon: (I want to talk about why shadow moon is like since i didn't do so in my black review. he is the brother of the main charter and their like the best of fiends, can control Black Motorcycle and has star wars force lighting and he dose die), he is stronger then he was before has 2 swords and he dose sacrifices himself to redeemed himself of his old evil way.
  • The design of the monsters: they all look awesome you have 3 types of monsters robots, aliens, and demons and to me the robots would look similar to robot monsters in Choriki Sentai Ohranger. 
  • The Showa Riders coming back in the final episodes of Black RX: you may disagreed on how you see this but it was awesome seeing all 10 Riders being back in for this epic way to end the Showa era

The Bad
  • The Opening being use all the time: this was distracting because it got annoying and repetitive and got over, even for 10 seconds, but still favorite opening
  • the design of Death Garon: this looks like a upgrade version Shadow Moon and he is just a monster of the week.
  • Kyoko Powers: Kyoko is a descent charter but she get her powers by her dead parents it is just kainda stupid
Final verdict
so over all i give Kamen Rider Black RX
to me the Showa era ended on a strong note and with great charters, great plot, and just great. Alt recommendations are Kamen Rider Kabuto for a lot of great things and Power Rangers In Space for something that ends a era. That ends my Review so till next time bye.