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Monday, July 15, 2013

Kamen Rider Vampire

Over my vacation i been thinking about Power Rider coming to the US (mostly it would be after Power Ranger Megaforce) and i wanted to do one of my favorite Kamen Rider and this is what is what i come up with.
As you may know Kamen Rider Kiva was influence by Twilight and my show would be like at the peak of Twilight and they could call it what ever and it could be a  parodie of Twilight. and a support charter could be a giant fan and would look like a Twilight fan would and her age is in collage old teen young adult. after the Rat Fangires could be the grunts of the show. and she finds a coffin and then their she release Alucard or AL for short and his helper i called Fang. For Ixa i would make him be how he was in kiva a man who works for an organization Called defeat the Fangire. Saga i would refence Simon Belmont from Castlevania (to be honest i think Saga is a refence of Simon Belmont already). and finally the best one Dark Kiva i would make him Dracula and that would make for some a awesome relationship. I would not plain to put Arc and  Ray since they were just movie riders, and since were on the subject castle doran would be in the last chunk of the show.  the 3 fangire who became the weapton i would put them as rouge fangires who Al save's and help him. I make Tatsulot a none loud annoying dragon but just make dragon sounds. Finally in a big twist Al would have to fight from sucking his friends blood but to save Ixa (i would called kamen rider sun or burst) and he becomes a vampire and becomes the new Kiva and Al would become the next Dark Kiva. So this is how I picture kiva i hope you people like this but the obvious kamen rider Saban will chose is Decade just because of the money but if by any luck some one see this at Saban CO. i hope this could be a realty, and hey if they do chose kiva i give it a chance if it's not what i picture. and i hope you enjoy this