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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Legacy power ranger toys at San Diego Comic Con

Legacy Dragon Dagger
since their was a gold Legacy Morpher it is a somewhat no surprise that their will be a legacy Dragon Dagger. and in the American version their was a sound that was not in the original America toy. and it will be show accurate size Die cast and sound effects in the show.

Legacy Dragonzord 
when the 2010 Megazord their word at Toy fair of that year that their would be a Legacy Dragonzord, but because Disney wanted to end the series forever their wan not. there was word that it could be the samurai toy line but no such luck. and now they officially announce a 2014 Legacy Dragonzord that uses the 2010 Megazord molded.   

Sentai Mask Collection

their the Sentai Mask Collection which has all red Sentiche and all Kamen Riders and now they're
doing it for the original MMPR rangers and in japan their was only red not their other rangers. and their are
some of the Helmets with black outlining on the lines, it is like when you use your Gundam marker and put 
it on your Gundam.

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