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Monday, October 14, 2013

Digimon Fusion Episode 4 "Island Zone in Chaos" Review

Air Date 10-13-13
Xros Wars Episode Title "Digimemory, Shine!"
Voice Cast
Nick Roye: Mikey 
Colleen O'Shaughnessy: Angie, Monitamon 
Derek Stephen Prince: Jeremy
Ben Diskin: Shoutmon, Shoutmon X2, Cutemon
Kyle Hebert: Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Patrick Seitz: Starmon, Ebidramon, Divemon
Christopher Smith: Jijimon 
Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn: Pickmonz
Kirk Thornton: Tactimon 
Cindy Robinson: Chibikamemon
JB Blanc: King Whamon
Bob Klein: Archelomon
Laura Bailey: Shakomon
Liam O'Brien: Neptunmon
Joe Ochman: Dondokomon, Gizamon
 Neil Kaplan: Octomon
Melissa Fahn: Nene

I is official now that Digimon Fusion is now on Nicktoons but it will be on the Vortex. We see our team introduce Nene (Leader of Team Twilight) and her voice may sounds familiar it is because she is voiced by Melissa Fahn who if you're a fan of Digimon she also the voice of Rika from Digimon Tamers, and the narrator of Digimon Frontier and if you're a anime fan she is the voice of ED from Cowboy Bebop. She says that the Code Crown was created from the legendary Digimon to seal Bagura away but it was shattered and who get them all they becomes the king of the Digital world. Then The Team are sent to the Island Zone and then they see Archelomon under attack by Gizamon and Shoutmon X2 is sent to fight with the Star Axe, which is formed by the White Pickmons instead of the silver Pickmons that forms the sword and we see Chibitortomon who join them latter Archelomon is the one who knows where the Island Zone code crown is and Shoutmon being his cocky self he ask for it but Archelomon has no idea because he forgets a lot , from a far off way their is Neptunmon and his army of Divermon about to get the Island Zone Code Crown. the Team sneaks upon the ship and Miki and  Jeremy and the others take out the Divermons, and soon get on the ship and Angie destroys the shpis (Mantaraymon) but Octomon comes and grabs the kids, Shoutmon X2 is reformed but Shoutmon X2 cant swim so Chibitortomon comes and Digi fuse's with Shoutmon X2 which is more affected latter on defeats Octomon joins team Fusion Fighters and ends with Archelomon being captured.

Overall I give "Island Zone in Chaos" a 4/5. this is one of those episodes that was fast pasted and had a lot going, this episode was super Funny and overall fun, the only complaint I hade with this Episode is the constant reuse of stock footage in the episode, writers pad out the episode when they got nothing Samurai is a prime example of that. Come back for updates, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and have a nice day.