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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pokemon the Origins review

Warning this review will contain spoilers about the show and this my thoughts on the show so enjoy.
Pokemon the Origins is about a 10 year old kid named Red against his rival Green and trying to become a pokemon master. Now Pokemon the Origins came about when Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 trailer and people wanted a Pokemon Anime because at this point Pokemon has become a board, Ash is a dumb ass, the designs Pokemon is poorly designs, and overall just stale. that is where is this 4 part Anime take place, is it a good anime, does it give Pokemon fans something to talk about, and it is worth watching well lets review Pokemon the Origins.
Part 1, Itsuro Kawasaki: we begin how like the Gen 1 game with the and we see Professor Oak doing the intro scene introducing on what Pokemon. Then we meet Red (his name means the heat)  the main protagonist and his rival Green (who is Professor Oak Grandson) and model after grey from the anime. and Red choose  Charmander and Green instead of choosing  Bulbasaur he chose Squirtle like the game. Professor Oak then wants Red to lives out his dreams and Red wants to get all the pokemon and we have the montage of red chatting the Pokemon. Red and Green then meet up and Green whips the floor with Red and we see Brock giving Red some advice, now Brock sounds familiar because he is voiced by    Tomokazu Sugita who was also the voice of Kivat from Kamen Rider Kiva, and he gives a pep talk to Red and latter Red and Brock fights and Red wins and learns Pokemon are aren't tools but friends. Part 2, Yukio Kuroda: Not a lot to talk about this was just a filler story but their are some important things. Red comes to Lavender Town And people says it is haunted and red goes to rescues Mr. Fuji and the ghost dose excites  and it is a ghost Marowak and here is something that i do like in the anime the Pokemon can DIE and they don’t sugar coded, it is like when Bambi's mom getting shot, and has a tear jerkier moment, and ends with Red get the orbs that Mega evolves in the X and Y game, and some funny stuff with Red and Green. Part 3 Hideya Takahashi: This is about Team Rocket (the Rocket Gang call in the anime) Red now has Charizard and now he is trying to stop them from getting the Master Ball but Red fails but they don't get the Master Ball. Red has only need 1 badge left and goes to get the The Earth Badge and sees the gym leader and he sees it is the Team Rocket boss and then Red and the boss fight and i am not going to ruin the fight for you guys because you need to see it for yourself because it is epic and what a ending. Part 4 Daiki Tomiyasu: This is where the story retcon the original story, so now Red has just beat the Elite 4 (a reference to the 4 Heavenly Kings) and has a fight with Green and their fight is just epic and it is obvious who wins. Then Red now wants to get the rest of the pokemon he hasn't caught yet and it is funny that Pikachu is like a cameo in this anime. When Red comes back with a 100% complete Pokedex Green is badly injured and says their is a 150 Pokemon and not 149, and Red learns it is Mewtwo the child of Mewtwo when Mewtwo is a clone not the child. Red tries and get Mewtwo and then we get Charizard X and HOLY CRAP the Charizard X is super awesome awesome, BADASS, and he is pretty much a total boss (also like when the Pokeball brakes, nice touch) and ends when with red realizing that if their is a Mewtwo then their is a Mew.
as of this review there is no american voice but there will be ones on November 15.
Red: Red is the head what you would expect if you were him eager upright and don’t know what to do. but latter he does get more smarter and does act like a boss and more bolder.
Green: Green is cocky thinks he is all that, but when Red defeats his ego does go down and he he sees red as is equal and respects him.
Supporting cast: The supporting cast is professor Oak who gives support and expansion and brock who is the same.
Most of the music is mostly a remix of the first game and the rest fits with the story. as far as i know i don't know if their is a sound track so i can't give musical song recommendations.

The Animation
the animation always look shaded and looks interesting and i do like the animation.

The Good
The Fight Scenes: The fight scenes are flawless in the fight and with the animation it is so beautiful and the best fight scene is Mega Charizard fighting Mewtwo.

The Tone: This takes all the pros of pokemon and it is great, Pokemon can die, we see some good characters, and overall it is a adult Pokemon story

Mega Charizard: To sum it up he is the Chuck Norris of Pokemon

the Bad
The Pasting: i which we had more development with the pokemon themselves and the gym be honest this is the only bad, not joking.

Final verdict
and since this is my first 10 out of 10 this get the first ever Prodigious Award™ which means you must watch this and you will enjoy it. This is something that a lot of pokemon fans would like and it something a lot of fans miss about pokemon and i hope we get more of these anime like heart gold/ soul silver, ruby/sapphire Diamond/ pearl and black and white. for other recommendation i give a anime recommendation for Pokemon 3 the movie because it is the best pokemon movie, and also recommend another one shot re imagination I recommend Kamen Rider The First.

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