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Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Titanium Ranger Day

All was info and most of the pictures brought to you by Rangercrew 
Today Monday 10-28-13 was the first ever Titanium Ranger Day, as we all know the Titanium Ranger was the first ever American Ranger and the sprite rangers were the other new Rangers. And if don't know Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue is my Favorite Power Rangers Seasons and the Titanium Ranger is my favorite 6th Ranger. This was whole day was brought to you by Rangercrew advising the Titanium Ranger Card for the final Wave of the Power Rangers ATC game and everyone has been tweeting an #TitaniumRangerDay2013.

Rhett Fisher has also been participating in this too, him and Ranger Crew had made a Deal that Rhett Fisher has sing 5 Titanium Cards and who ever has the best questions 5 lucky winners will get the Singed Titanium
Ranger cards. and what Morphin K on Twitter said that Titanium Ranger Day has had a lot more views then Sentai or some thing like that and I really hope this means that we get a Titanium Ranger Figuart and soon get the GOGOV Figuarts and definitely hope we get a Titanium Ranger Key for Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

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