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Thursday, October 10, 2013

NYCC Power Rangers Super Megaforce Toys preview

All pictures from tokunations 
First at NYCC their was a Gosei Great costume their 
Today was New York Comic Con and Bandai was their so we got sneak peaks of Power Rangers Super Megaforce toy line. lot to talk about so let's start what was their.
legendary Morpher

The legendary Morpher AKA the Mobirates is the Morpher for next year and is a cell phone morpher and comes with 2 keys. This can flip and some people thought couldn't flip but to the surprise of people this can flip, and comes with 2 keys Super Megaforce Red and MMPR Red unlike the Mobirates that came with Gokai Red, Shinken Red and Go-On Red. The packing is like the Gosei morpher and has a try me feature. Also keys what we have been seeing forever. 
 Battle Gear

Here is the gun AKA the Gokai Gun and it is the basic weapon, obesity differently color because the Gokai Gun is model after flintlock gun that is a old school gun and the has a good hand size, and you can still put the key in the gun.

Officially named the Mega saber or AKA the Gokai Saber it is the other basic weapon, it works like the white Ranger sword was and it extends at the blade and still put the key in the sword, also it comes with the blue key since blue was a sword guy (look at the Figuart of Gokai Blue), and has no LED's  

Deluxe Hand Gear
Just like starting in samurai it has hand gear and this is nothing like the show, the show has the cuffs and white gloves. but I give Bandai of America this I love the look of the gloves.

This is a bigger version of the Mega Saber and is a bigger blade then the japan version. this is similar the Ultra Dragon Sword their is a deluxe version and a basic version, and this is like the Samurai Mega Blade.  

The Zeo vehicle: In Gokaiger the Grand power for Ohranger was the Gokai Buster and this is a American exclusive and comes with a HORIBLE painted Zord vetches that just hurts the eyes and comes with the Zeo red Key.   
SPD Runner: this is the SPD Grand power and in Gokaiger it was the Pat sticker. and SPD red key and another bad painted figure. 
Mystic Force Dragon: in Gokaiger this was the Magi Dragon and this one has a short as Hell wingspan also the feet are on the side not the back. Comes with another figure and Mystic Force red key.

This is the years cycles and they are model after Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, and Time Force and comes with their own seasons keys. And another thing is that the cycle looks like it was from that season. and I wana say they will release the Megaranger Grand Power which is the Mega Winger and never in Gokaiger.

The Legendry Megazord is this Megazord AKA the Gokaioh and 2 things about this, 1 it will not have popping opening feature and 2 it (may or May not) play the Megaforce theme and if this is true I hope they do electronic for when we get kyoryujin in the states. And the key is like the cars you can use a scanner app. Also recommend is the Gokaioh theme why because physic lover is F***ING AWESOME.
Wild Force Lion: the Wild Force Lion or Gao Lion is the Bigger Zord that combines to make a different looking mech and also has the Shinkenger Grand Power to make Gao Gokaioh and Shinken  Gokaioh and you can put a key port not like the japan version. I do think this the best sofar but I am Bios when it comes to anything Gaoranger and Wild Force because Gaorange is my favorite sentai and I am a huge Wild Fore fan.   
This is a Mech suite and I do wana say that this something from Operation Overdrive. and also American made toys like a lot of American toys and if you want figures see here Come back for updates, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and have a nice day.