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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Power Rangers Super Megaforce NYCC toy preview

Thank to the guys at over @Herotaku and @dekablue25 we have been given first looks at Power Rangers Super Megaforce toys and so far we have the morpher with keys and some figures. First the morpher/ keys it is a lot like the Gosei Morpher from Megaforce with it being a open package and plastic holding the Morpher, and it comes with Super Megaforce Red (Gokai red) and MMPR Red (tyrannoranger). Not like Gokaiger, the Mobirates came with Gokai Red, Shinken red, and Go-On Red, and for keys we see MMPR Red, Pink/ Zeo Gold/ Turbo Green/ In Space Yellow/ Dino Thunder white/ Mystic Force Green, Yellow/ Samurai Red, Pink/ Megaforce Blue, Black, Robo Knight/ Super Megaforce Red, Blue. Now the Figures, first I am sadly learning articulation is now a gimmick and we have the basic figures, armored might figures and a armored might Green ranger, crappy looking figures to the left and a gimmick figure, below it is basic figures of megaforce and samurai and from what @razzle1339 he found out their will be a 4" Red Zeo Figure, and finally a big articulated Super Megaforce Red. if you look really good you see some mask and a pair of gloves. As I am writing this 10-9-2013 9:24PM NYCC has not have not happen so tomorrow we will have more on this and these will be on my Facebook page labeled under Power Rangers Super Megaforce NYCC toys tomarrow. Come back for updates, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and have a nice day.