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Monday, October 19, 2015

Digital-Ranger Fresh Thoughts in Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 1

Kamen Rider Drive was a show I thought was fun, I man the show in the beginning was OK but the first 20 episodes pretty much did not do that much in the show, really things did not start getting fun till like the main charter in the show died. But nowhere we are with Kamen Rider Ghost and when it is next ear it will be the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider Which that is just all kinds of awesome.

The Show Begin main charter dad dyeing right in front of him (remember this is a kids show :P) and then we cut back to our main Rider for the show Takeru Temkuji pretty much sleeping while reading a book called Heroic Icons... HA -_-. And then introduce to our 2 other main charters for the show the female lead for the show Akari Tsukimura (and well maybe even love interest) and our other male lead Onari. Akari then finds Takeru in (what I'm calling the Ghost cave because it is well like the bat cave but for Ghost) and we see how our supporting charters will act in the show, Akari is the one who is more logical thinker and everything can be explain WITH SCIENCE (I’m only kinda joking she brought a freaking torch and like no explanation why), and his Onari is more of a spherical person and believes in ghost which is what him a Takeru are both in training to  fight off Ghost, and Takeru himself is in the middle of it with being friends to both and is well both for Spiritual and believing in technology.

The city then gets report about attacks in the city but nothing is there which means ghost are attacking the city and it is and that includes them attacking the mail man that was holding an very impotent package and delivers it to Takeru. The funny thing here is that the mail man still delivers the package even though he is getting attack by a monster, the postal service will deliver anything to anyone not matter rain, sleet, snow, or monsters monster attacks. Now an pretty awesome Easter egg is here the mail man name is Onodera and the creator of Kamen Rider real name was Shotaro Onodera, so it is a man named Onodera starting a Kamen Rider journey off, now that is a great way to do a anniversary season. Inside the packaging was an Eyecon the show's gimmick of the show and it is creepy but I say it does look cool and it pulled a back to the future 2 and saved it years latter for an emergency like this. 

So then Takeru then goes and get the monsters only he can see (since he touch the Eyecon) and well it does not work and well he dies (boy he sure die fast but hey better then a lot of other rider I can count). NO he is not completely dead he is then put into purgatory and meets a man bY the name of Sennin (which translate into Sage so for the rest of the review I will referee to him as Sage). Sage tells Takeru that the Ganma (which is the name of the monsters of the week he will be fighting) want the Eyecon and also inside that Eyecon Takeru is holding has his soul and then tell him if he get the 15 souls of the luminary Eycos he will live again, and says he can fight those ghost as Kamen Rider Ghost, also on his journey we have a cute little monster known as Yurusen.
Takeru is brought back to life and Yurun tells him how his belt works and hen Henshin into Kamen Rider Ghost. I like the Ghost Design I mean the head looks like Deadpool (Deadpool Kamen Rider yes ALL OF THE YES) I man him having a jacket but it looks nice and is one of those things that will grow on you)

Takkeru then fights the 2 ghost monsters and him summing his sword is just sourta like wizard ghost can even fly then ghost does his finishing kick which we will hardly see in the show and finish off one of the ghost monster, ghost then fallows the other monster on his bike and yah not a fan of his bike, it’s just not really that good looking, and the other monster then summon the grunts of this show (which that I like and the chest of them remind me of Black Ghost from Cyborg 009 which again was what the creator of Kamen Rider did or you could see it as the shocker Grunts from the original series). 

Then Takkeru gets the Musahi Eyecon (it does feel a bit like he did get it out of nowhere in the show) and get the Mushai Eyecon then the opening for ghost plays which sounds a lot like a Anime song then a Kamen Rider opening, I do not hate it but it is not Kamen Rider, to me. Takkeru comes back to his home after finishing off the other monster and then takes off his shoes which are real and he finds out that he can become visible and not visible. Then Sage tells him he has only 99 days left to live or else he will stay dead.

This was a good first episode, sure some things felt a little rushed but there are some good stuff in here, The charters seems unique with believing in both since and spectral stuff, the gimmick of our main charter being dead and trying to live it cool, and I do really like the Refinances to other Rider seasons so far, the original and the creator, the suit with no hoodie looks like a Rio Trooper, and the summing ring with the flash reminds me of flashing like Kuuga, Amazon and Rx, and the seal with summing the weapon is a lot like Wizard too. A complaint I do have well there is a bit of shaky came in the beach fight and GOD I want Shaky Cam to go away forever, and also the Eyescons will get out of hand real quick I mean there are Ghost Eyecons, Spector with his own Eyecons and another new Rider named Necrom that is like a new toy each episode, the gimmick will get a lot out of hand this year than other years that is for sure. But I have hope for this season and hope the best for this show.

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