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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Kamen Rider Ghost Forms 10-28-15

Sources Tokunation
Lot to talk about here so let's shale we?   

 First up here is Kamen Rider Specter with 2 new Eyecons the Nobunaga and Tutankhamun Damashiis which both are cool looking and I think maybe that the Tutankhamun Damashii very may well be my favorite Damashii out of all of them, I mean I think we never seen a very light blue teal color with gold, it just looks cool. and more cool is that Specter will also have the Edison Eyecon, and this could bring a new aspect of the show one having more Eyecons then the other and will be like a game of cat and mouse (and even more so when Kamen Rider Necrom joins the show). 

  1 new Damashii/ Eyecon is the Beethoven Eyecon and it looks like just what a Piano would look like since Beethoven was a world famous Pianist.

Next up is Billy the Kid Eyecon and that raises a bunch of questions since watching that Tree house of horror episode of the Simpsons/doing a quick google perch Billy the Kid was a out law who stole a lot but hey maybe it is historic Eyecons. and Billy the Kid Damashii will also include the Bat Clock weapon.

 here we are getting the look at the TV-Kun special and gives Ghost the Ikkyu Damashii and that is really all the info on this that we have for the moment.

And since it is the season and all here are the Halloween Eyecon and Christmas Eyecon and also the Kamehameha Eyescon and no that does not give him energy to shoot from his hands.

So much awesome Ghost stuff here and it seems very hype for it to be in the show.

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