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Thursday, October 1, 2015

new Legacy Thunder Megazord Images & Legacy Ninja Megazord?

Sources Tokunation

We now have some new official images of the Legacy Thunder Megazord from MMPR season 2. With now some legit images of the Thunder Megazord this looks very good, with it looking like you took it from the show and just made it to a toy. this could be me but it looks like their is no zord builder ports on this which I like because the zord builder stuff always seemed cheep looking connection ports. He is officially $200.00 for the whole thing, 100 I could for the Red Dragon Thunder Zord but for 100 for the other sets, well I say wait for a price drop at first.

Now believe or or not from the official Power Morphicon Facebook page has posted that a look at the Legacy Ninja Megazord at Power Morphicon but we shale wait and see if that is true when that time come.

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