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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Megaman and Astro Boy In Death Battle

So today Screwattack has announce today the next Death Battle will be a fight will be between Mega Man and Astro Boy. Now being a very Huge Mega Man fan with Mega Man X 1 being my favorite game of all time I feel I should through my hat into the ring and give my option with this Death Battle. from the preview I we did get Mega Man will have his mega Buster and his other Mega Buster as well and I assume he will have Rush with him as well and also doing the Rush Adapter as well. for powers well if they they give him a limit I want Mega Man to use the  Thunder Shot, the Metal Blade, the Shadow Blade, Rain Flash, Napalm bomb, Silver Tomahawk, Freeze Cracker, Flame Sword, Black hole bomb, and finally the Triple Blade.

My knowledge for Astro Boy is sadly not that much  compare to the Blue Bomber himself but I guess I will be informed when they Do Astro Boy in their charter break down (and speaking of Astro Boy I'm a really huge fan of like the art style of Osamu Tezuka. No I imagination that this will be a 16 bit looking sprite animation since the last one they did was a complete CGI battle. I'm very much looking forward to this match since I do Love Mega Man a lot and I do hope he wins, but If Astro Boy wins If they can explain it then I will surly accepted it, but rooting for more Mega Man tough and this will Air on November 11th.

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