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Monday, October 12, 2015

Power Rangers 2015 NYCC 2015 coverage

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Power Rangers Legacy Falconzord First Look NYCC 2015

Let's just get right into this and begin with the Legacy Falcon Zord and wow is this one impressive piece of plastic, and the best part is that it is not $80.00 but $70.00 now, it is better but I still think dropping the price down to a lease $10.00 more might have had made it better epically with no electronics and no chrome. I do have a little complaint though, the gold is not what it looks like in the show this is a darker gold almost looking like a brown color, which scares me because of GPS syndrome with the feet 0_0. On the bright side it has been said that the Legacy Falcon Zord will NOT HAVE ANY ZORD BUILDER PORTS which is good I think so that the Zord can be better with combining.

Sources Tokunation

yes we are getting Legacy Communicators with each wrist band being interchangeable which is cool and I made a joke that would be real if they did that but I was right I guess.

Sources Tokunation

And already scans from Chinese photos of the new Dino Super Charge stuff with a Ankylo Zord and a Deinosuchus Zord with also a repaint of the Pachy Zord, the Raptor Zord and the Para Zord. the main reason why they chose this color scheme is to homage the Dino Thunder Zords color which I do not mind all that much Since Abaranger is my favorite Sentai of all time . and wait is that... I MY GOD LORD HELIX.


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