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Monday, October 12, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge the movie?!?

Sources IGN

With a lot of just some insane stuff that has been recently happening to say the lease for the new Power Rangers movie it all might be changing with this news right here. The new Power Rangers movie might be a continuation of the Power Rangers Dino Charge show, and also it will even might have Scorpina as the main villain of the movie. This is just weird with all we have had gotten so far I mean with everything announce including with Naomi Scott being cast as the Pink Ranger, maybe this will be a thing that will either lead into 2 things 1 the current rangers pasting down the mantle to the next season of rangers or passing down the mantle to the movie exclusive rangers. I'm a bit mix on this I mean I love Dino Charge and do consider it one of the best Power Rangers season in recent years but on the other hand it feels like with a bunch of trouble productions and change of dates and writers leaving, but at the end of the day I just want this movie to be good.

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