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Thursday, October 15, 2015

New info on Juuouger 10-15-15

new info on the newest 2016 Super Sentai is here from Dukemon22 and here is the new info we have on Juuouger

Sources Jefusion

Possible animal spirits for each rangers:

Red - Gorilla, Elephant or the traditional leader animal, Lion.

Blue - Whale

Yellow - Giraffe or Tiger

Pink - Flamingo

Green - Crocodile or Lizard

With a new color mentioned, Gun Metal, that is a Bat.

Possible name for mecha is Jungle-Oh or Mojuu-Oh

Collectible item for next year is called Kibaholder/Fangholder

Series is a Follow-up to Gaoranger

Pink is a princess and will be called a JuuOujou/Beast Princess

A rumor was also listed that "astronaut" and "princess" are the series keywords

And as usual, take this rumor with a grain of salt. Let's all wait till a catalog surfaces this December.

I kinda felt a bit dead when it said it is a fallow up on Gaoranger, because well it's Gaoranger and Gaoranger was not all that great if I'm being honest. Still, Still, Still keeping high hopes up for this to be good because Sentai really needs a victory.  

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