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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Digimon Rumble Arena Review

Hello everyone, Digital-Ranger here doing well my first Video Game Review here and form the tittle its well Digimon (because what else would it be) and it's on the Digimon (WERE SO NOT SUPER SMASH BROS. WE SWEAR WERE NOT) Rumble Arena game. So the story on why I decide to review this game is because like Saturday I went to my store where they sell old game, book, and toys (the place is called Bookmans really great place) and I found Digimon Battle Arena. I played it and loved it and so I deiced to talk about it in a blog post because this game is so fun. Now for this review I am breaking it down into a few categories with Back Story, Story, Graphics, Game Play/ Charters, Level Design, Music, and extras. Also all the sources of these pictures are from verious sources both on youtube and the internet. 

This is a Smash Brothers clone because Super Smash Bros. was like the most popular thing at that point in time and there were so many Clones of this game. So Namco Bandai decide to do their own version with Digimon. I don't mind that to be perfectly honest, I mean if the games play different enough and are also enjoyable then I really don’t' mind all too much, now this was release on the PS1, AH YES THE PLAY STATION 1 the holy grail of gaming consoles for kids who grew I had gup in the mid 90's yes I am one of those people who had a PS1 growing up, it was my first real  consoles I had it growing up and I played Tiny Toon Adventures: The Great Beanstalk, Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour, And finally the PS1 Blast Masters remake I and recently rebought that because NOSTALGIA!
THERE IS NO STORY its A FIGHTING GAME, and you fight… and fight… and fight. Both are on equal levels of complex story telling.

Graphically speaking its out dated but it’s nostalgic, I mean you had to grow up with this blocky looking style in the PS1 days, and since this was a late PS1 game the Graphics are I assume at the Max they can be. And hell we even have Voice clips which were rare mind you it doesn’t sound all that great but still it’s something. But it does look awkward seeing Omnimon without his cape, Galletmon is better since he lost his cape 1 episode before the end of the series. Also Steve Blum you do a too good of a job at Reapmon, like you brag so much I want to punch you in your face. Yes my only complaint with Steve Blum is that he does a too good of a job. 

Game Play/ Charters
Game play wise since it’s a fighting PS1 game the controls are not all that complicated the D pad controls your movement, the Square Button is a light attack and combo attacker, Triangle and Circle are special moves, and the X button lets you jump. The L shoulder button lets you block and the R1 shoulder button allows you to let you Digimon Digivolve and pressing it again allows you to do a super movie. The back L and R buttons do nothing in the battle.

For charters you have Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, and Gatomon from Digimon Adventure, Veemon and Wormmon form Zero 2, and finally from Tamers theirs Guilmon. Terriermon, and finally Renamon. All of the charters can Digivolve into their Mega forms except for Wormmon but more on him latter. Each charter controls good and I feel there is no 1 charter truly over power one another. I mean like when charters fight each other you can break the AI combo and vice versa.
For Digivolving there is a Digivloution gage where you can power it up through fighting another opponent or cards that increase your gage to full. ALSO the copy of the game I got did not have a manual so I do not know what the cards do so don’t ask and could not find a copy of the manual online either.

Level Design
The levels are OK, but I wish there was an Omega Stage for each stage. You see the stages themselves they feel a bit too cultured and not real big wide open are for a Constance fight stage. Well there is 1 stage Reapmon state but it continues get distorted and gets real distraction at points. But rather ones for area and it can be a big distraction at times as well.  Now to unlock all the charters you would need to play 1 player mode and go ass each Digimon to unlock to play each mega Digimon  indecently and there are 6 rounds total + a mini game and the end boss

Speaking of which the end boss of the game is Reapmon OR GOKUMON (YES his Japanese name really is GOKUMON, I know I was surprise too!) Now Reapon is a cheating baster, his special moves last for way to long (including his super movie), he’s bigger then you are, more powerful then you are, he… he… HE… He can be defeated rather easy, LET ME EXPLAIN. If you just spam the Triangle button over and over again then you can defeat this guy quickly. Hell I had a few times where I got a perfect. It’s not perfect though for like Gatomon and Impmon my recommendations press Triangle and then GTFO to the right or left until the time runs out.

The music is pretty Damn impressive I mean they are just insert songs and all but they are really good though. my favorites would have to be Out in the Country This Power in Me A Wish for Life, there are just to many good tracks I can’t chose them all.  The only one I guess is freeze Artic since it’s just ok (STILL a better ice stage theme then FUCKING X3’s Blizzard Buffalo Stage theme (I HATE THAT THEME SO FUCKING MUCH)

Now in the Japanese Sound Track you got remixes of a bunch of different insert songs from Digimon’s Past like Butterfly, Target, Biggest Dreamer. Speaking of Biggest Dreamer that is for whatever reason the only Japanese sound track that make it in the whole game (Oh man now I miss Kouji Wada even more).

now for extras there are a bunch of things to unlock u this game, the unlockable charters are Omnimon unlock through completing the game as Agumon and Gabumon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode unlock through Veemon and Worrmomn, you can get Impmon/ Beelzemon if you complete the game as all 3 Tmaers Digimon and finally  if you complete the game without a single loss then you can unlock BlackWarGreymon (again just use the Wormmon Triangle trick). also you can unlock Reapmon if you play the game in player 1 mode and complete just once, and it feels so good playing as Reapmon. You go and pick BlackWarGreymon again in Vs. Mode by pressing the Select button his color scheme is instead of black and gold it’s black and red. No I bring that up because BlackWarGreymon X color scheme also has red on it, just saying. Now if you also went through the PS1 memory card library you could see that the memory card slot if Terrimon (AKA adorable as all hell, AKA just so soft and fuzzy, AKA just precious (NOW THAT’S AN INSIDE JOKE NO ONE WILL UNDERSTAND HERE).

Over all I say give this game a look because it’s rather fun.

I admit I think I like this game a bit more then I should have because I am a very active Digimon fan. It’s not perfect with the voice clips, the controls are a bit unrespond at times, Reapmon is a bitch to beat at a lot of points too, even with my cheat, and also a bunch of lag at times, including if you pick Renamon and use her special move. But it’s a pretty decent Fighter game and I do enjoy it quite a bit. I do know there are 2 sequel games out their like Digimon Rumble Arena 2 and All Star Rumble, But I’m not sure if I will take a look at them  or not. Same thing with Battle spirit 2 I have it but I need a Game Boy to do it. And also not sure if I could look at another game as well.

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