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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kamen Rider Blade V-Cinema Announce


with a bunch of Toku Shows having V-Cinemas after the show aired we are now getting 1 for Kamen Rider Blade. the news was given to us by Kamen Rider Chalice actor Ryoji Morimoto who reviled the news at the Kamen Rider Blade special Meet up. What was probably the big news from this was Kamen Rider Blade actor Takayuki Tsubaki saying that (paraphrasing here) since fans had a high demand for Kamen Rider Garren King form their is a chance of seeing it. now me personally i really enjoyed Kamen Rider Blade and it was a fun show, it had it's faults and pretty bad episodes (like if they were bad they were really bad) but over all like the show a lot, and now some shameless advertisement for my own blog here is my extincted thoughts on Kamen Rider Blade if you want to know more about my options on the show Part 1, Part 2. Production will begin soon and no word about anything else yet  on the V-Cinema but i will bring the news when it comes out.

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