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Sunday, August 21, 2016

PMC 2016 announcements

OH BOY! I did not know going to a con would mean that ti would miss so much news, I mean OH WOW their is a lot i need to cover and a lot of this is late so let's do this as fast as we can shale we?

Sources: Tokunation

Soul of Chogokin DaiZyuJin
First off the Soul of Chogokin DaiZyuJin, finally someone had the thought of having moveable and poseable figures of the induvial Zords. No price or anything like that BUT at NYCC this year we will see Battle mode.

Sources: Tokunation

Legacy Power Sword
Bandai of America is now starting to make the Ranger weapons, be cool of they do all of them and the thunder Slinger. But for the time being this looks really nice and best part it’s not fully finished.

Sources: Tokunation

Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys
Here we have our first look at Ninja Steel toys, and they are what I just about expected really that being looking like the Japanese toys far away but super different up close. The Megazord looks like how it does from the Japanese toy but has a better head crest. The sword can extend to 2x its original length. And the frog gun looks like a tadpole gun. Most shocking of all is the morpher is not the sword but the Sandan Ningeki Karakuri Hengen which makes some sense given show has starts for the changer so yeah. And the shurikens are now foam which makes a lot of logic they are shuriken after all. But I am not getting any of these I have the Japanese Megazord (and say what you will about the show but because I have that I don’t need anything else from this toy line.)

Sources: Tokunation

Power Morphicon Legacy Zeo Rangers Wave Reveal
Legacy Zeo Figures
We’re getting legacy Zeo figures and some mysterious figures as well, that is all.

Source: Tokunation 
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Cast
Ninja Steel Cast

Finally our Ninja Steel cast is reviled to us all and they are

Red Ranger: Brody, played by Will Shewfelt
White Ranger: Haley, played by Zoe Robins
Yellow Ranger: Calvin, played by Chantz Simpson
Pink Ranger Sara: played by Chrystiane Lopes
Blue Ranger Preston: played by Peter Sudarso

And as said before seeing that Yoshi’s brother is the Blue Ranger in this show as well is just so awesome. Epically Yoshi’s expression.
And now I’m finished with all the news from PMC news, PHEW!

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