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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gavan VS Dekaranger and Girls in Trouble Episode Zero

Sources: Tokunation
after the Dekaranger reunion movie that was release almost a year ago the Dekarangers are coming back already with a team up with Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G. so far not much but the main Rangers and Gavan Type-G actors are coming back to reprise their role in this  movie, with also the Girls in Trouble being a prequel to the movie it self. AND, and, and also it has be said the witter from Dekaranger will be coming back to be the writer for this movie. YES the awesome Naruhisa Arakawa is back once again and his awesomeness will shine so much in this movie, I can already tell. Not to much else to say but it will be release in 2017, and will be better then what the next goddamn Taisen film will be.

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