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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New ToQger scans 8-27-14 New Shadow Villain and Hyper Toq 1

Sources TokuNation
With yesterday new scans for Kamen Rider Drive and Gaim and now for new scans of ToQger and a better look at the Hyper Ressha that will appear this September. The newest thing to see is Toq 1 with the golden armor that people say looks a lot like Goseiger armor and he activates with the Hyper Ressha to become Hyper Toq 1. Also with the armor is a new weapon called the DaiKaiten Cannon that involves putting 6 Resshas into a turn table like thing for a full charge. And finally a brand new villain named Marchioness Morc and no new info on the charter so far.
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