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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Premium Bandai Dark Liner Kurainer Robo Relese

Sources HeroTaku

Announce at an event shown early this year there was a picture of a die cast Toq-Oh and in silhouette images of another mecha too and we now know what that is and it is the Kurainer Robo  which can transform into the Dark Liner train. This is the first time this has happen in Sentai, Power Rangers Yes of course but not in Sentai that I know of and maybe we can get more of these types of things and also has a similar transformation to build daioh. He comes with his Sword and changeable heads for the slandered head or General Schwarz’s head and same too for liner mode and has changeable hands just like Toq-Oh and a bit of extra articulation and right now you can Preorder him now from 8/22/14 and will end10/31/14 and also he is set to be release in December  
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