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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

S.H. Figuarts Blue Beet Official relese

Sources TokuNation
The newest Metal Hero Figureart has been announce today with Blue Stinger Borg or Blue Beetleborg as a Tamashii web Excluive for $50.00. For a while now it their was a preview picture of the Blue Stinger Borg from Big Bad Beetleborgs or Blue Beet from Juukou B-Fighter and when people saw this they were excited to see this as Beetleborgs is now like an cult following for Toku fans. He comes with extra hands, Input Magnum sidearm and Stinger weapon with blade and drill parts and will be relese in Januray of 2015 (making this the First Figuart to be relese in Januray) and the top picture is a Tease for Black Beet in B-Fighter or Shadowborg for Beetle Borgs, or even General Venjix from Frover Red.
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