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Thursday, August 21, 2014

S.H. Figuarts Alphamon Official Release


Sources: Darwis Lim Figure Photography Facebook 

Another New Digimon Figuart has just been announced and that would Alphamon from the Movie "Digimon X Evolution" and will be a Tamashii Web exclusive for $74.00 for February 2015. Alphamon Level Ultimate and the Digivoled form of DoruGreymon is one of the Royal Knights and his design is really awesome with all Black with gold and red accents, and also Design wise but a bit off with both wings and a cape. He will come with different hands, his sword the Ouryuken and no mention of his wing or effect peace to be ad on to make his Alphamon Ouryuken form. With this we hope more new Digimon Figuarts to be release like I don't know like
Digimon Frontier Figuarts!
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