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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

S.H. Figuarts Vul Eagle and ZO and Barron Lemon Energy Arms sneak peak reviled

Since there is not too much info on these things I decide to group these things together, OK GOOD.

Sources TokuNation, HeroTaku

First up to be talked about is Figuarts Vul Eagle and from when I was scrolling down on my Twitter someone said it's the Death of Figuarts as in this is a Figuarts that no one wanted but is getting because. There was some tease of Zeo but this will be before Zeo, Enough of me saying things now. Vul Eagle is from 5th Super Sentai season Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan and the first and only all Male Sentai team, and he comes with his hands and his Vulcan Stick, date of this figure is set to be release December.


Another Figuart to be set to be release is Kamen Rider ZO from the 1993 Movie called Kamen Rider ZO. The 2nd Movie Kamen Rider from the 90's Rider Movie series and I’m saying this because I ‘am honest I know nothing about this guy, he will come with extra hands and is also set to be release in December.
Final bit of news is a sneak peak of Kamen Rider Barron Lemon Energy arms and is already is being an Tamashii Event Exclusive.

Bunch of new things shown with not much info on them LOL.

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