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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nat Wolff might be Light Yagami in live action U.S. Death Note movie

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 For those who do not know I'm a big Death Note fan and have had been waiting a while now for when news of the live action U.S. Death Note movie to come out for some time now, and we did get it finally now. nothing is confirmed but more then likely it could be Nat Wolf who a quick IMDB check he has done The Fault in Our Star, Paper towels, which were good rated movies (both of which I have not seen nor will I just because), and surprise he was apart of a Nick show The Naked Brothers Band, which is crap, from what I header I never seen it. From the 2 movies he at lease got some good acting credits to him so he knows how to act, also on this project is screen writers  Adam Wingard which has done a bit of horror movies, and also the guy who did Fantastic 4 movie... I'll stop here before i do or say something I might regret, I will give this a chance because it will at lease not be as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution.  

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