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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mirai Sentai Timeranger Review Part 3

Episode 50: To an Infinite Tomorrow
In the episodes leading up to the finale of the show Don Dolnero go to Gien with intentions of killing him but then he backs off which then get him killed by Gien, and then Gien tells Dolnero he is a God now because BLA BLA BLA Humanity should all die, BLA BLA BLA I'm greater then everything BLA BLA BLA, BLA BLA BLA, and Lira manage to escape back to the future and she really did not have any large impact on the show but says she did have a little bit of feelings to Don himself. , and gin preparing to make his ultimate robot final crises which has clamps in it for some reason. Naoto tells the Asami corporation the rangers are from the year 3000 (WHICH DOES NOT GELL WITH ME BECAUSE in the last episode we saw he was good and was well a very nice guy and did felt like he was a part of the rangers but here this is a very dick move, and worst the rangers never should him for this and I feel like this is a huge step to his charter). Within the morning Gien is now attacking the city and is causing a lot of carnage including help with his Zenitos. Naoto summons his V-rex but this is not good because both of them have Lambda 2000 which is now opening another Vortex opening and this is the event that Captain Ryuuya told the other rangers about how the 20th century disappear. Tatsuya has a plain for this though, first he get all the rangers back up on the time ship and then he sends them back to the 30th century. And the reason why he does this is because Tatsuya knows that this is not their time and they need to back their time where they live. 

Back at the battle filed with Naoto, Naoto is losing badly which just gets worst where the V-rex totally gets WREK making the V-Rex useless in battle and the same is also for Gien’s mecha since it is also heavy damage so goes and let his mecha heal. On the ground when the City Guardians are back but not to help Naoto but to tell him the city guardians are now dispended and they also have access to unlock Naoto voice recitation so they are taking it away from him. Naoto really does not like this and he get away because other than being Time Fire Naoto basically have nothing or anything that makes him special. He escapes the Asami Corp and then he finds ta little girl (there was a filler episode with the little girl and Naoto gave her his 2 birds) getting attack by Zenitos but then just about she is shot Naoto protects her and take all of the shots she would have had gotten. 1 thing I have to complement is that we do see all of the destruction of the whole city and we actually do see the people very injured which we haven’t see in like forever and all modern endings are just in a rock quarry which I don’t mind to an certain degree but at lease show the damage by the villains. 

Back in the future the Rangers then wake up after sleeping for a while and then Caption Ryuuya reported to the rangers to say that the future has completely changed now. For example Yuri father, mother, and sister are all now alive, Domo is now can fight again and only suspended for 1 year, there is a cure for Oshirus Syndrome (which was the future Cancer I talked about from before) but Sino plant is still destroyed though (GO FIGURE). Now Captain Ryuuya says he has to erase their memory of the entire 20th century, even though they do not want to forget about the 20th century and Tatsuya, they then ask about Tatsuya and Captain says he protected the 20th century but died in the process (but that does not explain why Captain Ryuuya is alive still) the rangers want to go back to help Tatsuya fight but Captain Ryuuya denies them. Then when he go to his log in entry and say Timerangers come back and Naoto has die, BUT the computer says that the name Naoto as Time Fire does not match. 
Back in the present Naoto is healing his wounds when the girl from before cane to say thank you for saving my life and Naoto then goes a head sees the birds and will get it from her. When he does get the bird back in the cage a wondering Zenoit droid comes in and then kills him in the back of him. Sometime latter Tatsuya comes and finds Naoto and he is dying and in Naotos dying words he say to Tatsuya return this bird to the little girl and then he gives Tatsuya his V- Changer and also his V-rex. And with that Naoto then dies. To sum up Naoto’s death it is one of the most somber death in all of Sentai, he did not went out not as a asshole or as a heroic but just trying to do a good thing and gives a girl her birds back to her and nothing in return, OK NOW remember this line that Tytsua says "why did you have to die?" it will be impotent in a moment. 

So now it is just Tatsuya left, 1 man defending the entire 20th century by himself against a monster destroying the world, against an unstoppable army and sent his friends to have a better life away from this, this is just pure BADASSERY PEOPLE. And it was so badass that Yobikoshi pretty much rehashed this same plot again in ToQGer, but I guess that it’s not tetchily a rip off if the same person wrote both shows. But if you do want something ToQGer did ripped off then look at the final battle, the final battle is basically a scene for scene rip off of the Gokaiger, except for the things with Right of course because RIGHT IS VERY SPECIAL DELICATE SNOWFLAKE AND MUST BE PRAISE FOR NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES! I’m getting off topic now but back to the main story. Robot guards are just about to go ahead and start to erase the ranger memories until Yuri is like screw that and take out the guards and then go and get back to the time jets and go back to the 20th century to help out Tatsuya. 

When the rangers are just about to go to the past Captain Ryuuya comes in and stops them from going back to the 20th century, both him and Ayase have a struggle till Captain Ryuuya starts bleeding but whY? And then we get the biggest plot twist in the entire show, Captain Ryuuya is the real TimeFire pilot! Exactly why is this such a big thing? Well you see when the G-Zord went back in time Captain Ryuuya saw 2 possible outcomes 1 had both Gin and V-rex pilot fighting with in the 20th century disappearing or the G-Zord killing Gin which would have had cause the 30th century disappearing (somehow) but the outcome are both the same with Time Fire both dyeing. So he then he send the V-Rex back into the past and let someone else take the mantle of Time Fire letting that person die, he also adided in Don coming back to the 20th century and helping Gien going crazy rampage and killing so many people, and worst of all he let the entire 20th century get destroy and for what, all for him just so he can keep on living. In my many reviews there have been so many charters who have had angered me, are horrible, are assholes, and just a bastard, but this take the cake for just how evil someone can actually be because my god what can only be describe here is just a very evil man and I do mean this when I say it, Captain Ryuuya is WORST THEN KUSAKA FROM FAIZ, O YAH I WENT THEIR

Now don't get me wrong Kusaka is a lying, Manipulate, races, asshole who got his just deserts and at the very lease he did it for Mari (it was all for the wrong reason but he did it for someone) BUT HERE Captain Ryuuya just did it only for himself and only himself (and he justified it by saying to protect the 30th century) and I do really think that DEATH is too good for him and he got off easy. And hell he is even worst then Banno from Drive, I mean at lease So Congratulations Captain Ryuuya you are worst then Kusaka and also Banno from Drive and Banno is an evil bastard as well, but what separates them is Banno would just control the people while Captain Ryuuya would just destroy the an entire century. CONGRADULATIONS CAPRAIN RYUUYA you are worst then both Kusaka from Faiz (who is also classified as the Black Sheep of Kamen Rider) and Banno from Drive, clearly it is a very, very cold day in hell. (you know I swear I heard this plain before O WAIT now I remember why this plain sounds familiar ).

 Back with Tatsuya in the battle where he is at the very lease surviving while onslaught after onslaught of Zenitos and the V-rex is Fighting Gien while more time vortex open up and more destruction is happing around the city but the rest of the Rangers come in and save Tatsuya from any more trouble and then send Gien off somewhere. The Rangers then regroup and discuss on a plain to try and end Gien once and for all and Sino has a plain to turn the V-Rex Lambda 2000 into Zeta 3. But they do need the DV Defender first and Tatsuya hands them over and then the Rangers find out Naoto dies, and also before the final battle do begin find Domo sees Honami and then they share 1 final scene tougher and say good bye to each other since they are from different times. Then Gien is back and then the Rangers suit up 1 last time and now it is the final fight and this is one pretty sweet final fight and what also helps this final battle as well is the opening theme of the show is playing through all of the battle. Tatsuya is in the back turning the V-Rex’s Lambda 2000 into Zeta 3 while the Rangers are fighting off Gien and then he breaks Time Robos sword so yah this is getting more serious. Tatsuya then turns the Lambda 2000 into Zeta 3 but V-Rex cannot move so to fix that Timer Robo holds down Gien while Tatsuya gets on top of V-rex and then shoots at Gien and that destroys gin and stop the Vortex as well. When all of that is over Tatsuya sees a bling rainbow light place and sees all of the other Rangers with them saying good bye and Yuri admitting her love for Tatsuya and then all are pulled away. 

1 year latter has past and we See everything go back to normal and Tatsuya running and also Honami is holding a baby, Domo’s Baby named Domo Jr. (which explains the Timeranger tribute in Gokaiger for anyone who has not seen Timeranger which explains who that kid and girl were) and the show ends with Tatsuya talking to his dad and saying he will run the Asami company 1 day and he sees the ancestress of all of the ranges and in the final scene is called Infinite Tomorrow. This ending was sad, epic, and just a really amazing ending to an amazing show. There was so many sad moments lithke the Rangers forced away from their friend, Naoto Dying, and also the final scene with Honami and Domo, Captain Ryuuya I feel death was too good for him and felt like he needed suffer for all of his sins because he is the Devil himself. 

Now there is 1 more episodes after this episode but episode 51 is just mainly a clip show of all of the previous Super Sentai Seasons that has come before to get hyped for the 25th Super Sentai season Gaoranger, and now it will be the 40th anniversary of Sentai next year... Gaoranger next year.

Favorite Episodes:
Episode 10; just the pure emotions and charter stuff is just all good and the point I knew I will really like this show
14; a lot of heavy themes and made me resize how good of a writer Toshiki Inoue was.
Episode 21; everyone was drunk and it was a laugh just seeing everyone drunk  and shino had his moment of badass

Bad episode:
41; not all that bad but felt like it could have been in the beginning of the show insted of this so far away 

concluded in part 4

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