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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Figuarts Lord Baron and Dragon Fruit Lockseed + Lupin Breaker

Sources HeroTaku
So it has been finally reviled that we are getting a Figuarts Lord Baron and not just a Figuarts Zero that many people were worried we would get, yes this is exciting.

Sources HeroTaku
In the newest Kamen Rider crossover film Kamen Rider Drive V Kamen Rider Gaim (I have not posted any new about that film because come this December you will know why I have not posted any news about the film, and the only reason on why I am posting it is because so I can group it with the Figuarts Lord Baron) and official image for the Dragon Fruit Energy Lock Seed for the new Kamen Rider Duke which will be release on January 5th for $21.00 and Preorders will begin November 21St. And now Kamen Rider Lupin, the Lupin Breaker Lupin Blade Viral Core that will also come with it and will be priced at $50.00 available February 27 2015 and will be up for preorder December 12. Both are a Premium Bandai Exclusive and looks like some inserting things.

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