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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Power Rangers Dino Charge Megazord and Zord Armors

Sources RangerCrew

We have just been given new pictures on the Dino Charge toys (mainly being the zords) and here is the Dino Charge Megazord and WOW THAT HEAD LOOKS OFF, I’m not saying it's bad or anything (on the contrary it looks rather nice) it's just without the black that helmet looks off.

the American version of zakutor and honestly it's very good looking, all it needs is paint on the sideand some more black and it looks just like the japan one.

We are finally given a look at the Dino Charge Morpher and yes Orange paint on the barrel of the gun and missing paint also with some hallowed out plastic, not bad looking, and then the elephant in the room how the cannons combine, not lining looking Lack luster and not as nearly cool in Kyoryuger (also looking like the sword may not transform at all) but the Morpher, not bad. Saber tho again not too bad but if it can’t turn into a saber well then no diece.

the DIno Charge roleplaying toys are shown and all 3 masks come with the same blaster, saber and battery.

The basic 5" Dino Charge figures and yah I Know white boots not red boots, unpainted weapon, and too dark red, but scalp wise not to bad looking, and besides these could be prototype images as well.

Finally here are the Dino Charge Zord arms that are pretty much the same thingjust different sholder pads head and paint.

The Dino Change Cycle that's not too bad looking but needs paint, also the 2 dinos looks like their kissing.
and now some more new info on Dino Charge according to the info this is Alien Chess peaces that will be in the show, pretty weird looking peces
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