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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Power Rangers Dino Charge offical trailer- analyzing

Today has marked the end of Power Rangers Super Megaforce (which is good since the whole series was just Bla but I will review that come 3 years from now) and at the end of the episode there was a trailer that show case the Power Rangers Dino Charge trailer right here. And I will be doing an analyzing of this trailer scene by scene (new scenes of course).

In this shot we got the we have the shot of the new original villain in Power Rangers (and his ship)which it has been forever since we have one like maybe Grum from S.P.D or Tenaya 7 from RPM. And I gotta admit it's cool to see a new villain for Power Rangers exclusive, even if he does not fit with in the world of Kyoryuger, or design is just sourta MEH but does suite being a bounty hunter.
Here is all 5 rangers unmorph and just walking towers us.
This could be just a trailer adding effects but it looks like the rangers shooting lighting from his hand which could be real or again apart of the trailer.
A shot of 4 of the rangers morphing and red is already morph, and may or may not being the 1st episode just assuming.

And here is of Dino Charge red doing this awesome attack, I know it is Kyoryuger footage but still looks so awesome.
And that is the majority of the American footage and it is looking like an inserting stuff here and am wondering how this show will turn out, and also keeping my expiations low, because i had high expiations for Megaforce and Super Megaforce and you all seen how that was.
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