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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Lightspeed Rescue Red 5" figure review

So because of one of my followers on twitter @Timewoven   (Fallow him since he is a cool guy) ask if I’m doing a review I said ok and then got my Lightspeed 5" figure which I admit I was going to reviewing anyways but needed a good reason to do it and a reason to get more views on my blog this month and also this figure is from my favorite Power Ranger season so I decide to review this figure.

This figure using the same base mold as like all the other figures release in the Legacy 5" line and I know it makes the figure a bit more muscle then a Figuart mold does but it's tamed in compression to older more muscle figures (like the old Lightspeed figures or the Overdrive figures), the Lightspeed rescue suite being basic is something you really can't screw up on and does looks like a show accurate (just minus the blue on the belt) and also has a hole in the side of the belt to put the rescue blaster. A good thing that I can say about the helmet it has a mat black and white outlining the helmet. Only thing that looks in accurate is the joints where there are but that can be forgiven on a figure on this level.
The articulation is pretty good and basic all things consider, head swivels, shoulder a hinge joint. Arm 90 degrees, with a swivel and the cuff to the arm. The thighs are on a hinge joint too and move forward and kinda in the back but the but gets in the way from fully going back. legs again 90 degrees, and swivel at the cuffs at the boots. Overall some pretty nice Articulation for a basic 5" action figure.
his one is a bit more sadder since with the figure it only comes with the rescue blaster and the V lancers while in Lightspeed came with like a lot of accessories like the rescue bird parts, the Rescue Blasters in baton mode, the V lancers in battle, The Battle Boosters (which they could have molded on the figure like they did for the Dino Thunder figure) and finally the Thermo Blaster and Thermo Blaster in Freezard mode. What i will say they are highly detailed in such a small size?

Should you buy this?
Yes this is highly recommended of me. If you are a fan of Lightspeed rescue (like me) or GoGo Five and want a figure to repents the show then yes. If you never owned a Lightspeed Rescue figure before then yes you should own this figure. Or if you just wana have a fun figure and complete your legacy figure collection then yes. This is another good adaption to the 5" legacy figure line and is highly recommend from me. The only thing I wished it came with is more accessories but hey I can just wait for the Figuarts release of this (O WAIT there is none YET).
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