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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Power Rangers Dino Charge figures

Sources RangerCrew
With Power Rangers Dino Charge toys arriving soon we are getting more photos of toys to it's relese, and begining foo with the morpher with a decription as well "Unlock the power of the Dino Chargers with the Power Rangers Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher! As villain Sledge arrives to threaten the safety of earth and gain control of the Energems, the Power Rangers Dino Charge Rangers channel the power of the Energems into Dino Chargers. Now you can collect the Dino Chargers to activate an array of Dino Spirit Energy powers and Zords to help the Rangers defend the planet! Insert any of the Dino Chargers into the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher to unlock a light and sounds. Different chargers unlock different dino sounds". And it will also intergratw with an app for your smart phone and tablet divices.
 The really need paint Dino Charge sword

Dino Charge Buckle (that has a Zord Builder port)

The Dino Charge Zords which I have already praise Zakutor for looking almost looking like the Japan version, and now we are shown the American version of Parasagun which also don’t look that bad just missing some yellow on the tail and silver on the thighs.


Now we have Red, Blue, and Green 5" basic figures and wow, Bandai really, just really. We have 2 versions  one with the weapon and white boots, and a more show accurate version with the Morpher. You know Bandai if you want more figures in a line you could have made more 6th rangers we have not have gotten like Dino Thunder white, S.P.D Shadow Ranger, and In Space Silver, just saying is all.

Lastly a more closer image of the MMPR Movie White Ranger
Only a matter of time till Dino Charge toys some out soon.
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