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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kamen RIder Drive TK 03 and TK 04 relese

Sources TokuNation
New images fo the TK frigures from Kamen Rider Gaim and also new DX toys of the Break Gunner and Turning sword.
TK 03 set Drive type Wild
getting his own relese is Kamen RIder Drive newestform Type Wild with the Rumble Dump Tire and the Turning sword and is priced at $35.00
 TK 04 set
This set will include Spin Mixer, Mad Doctor, & Dream Vegas Tires 1944 yen.
 DX Handle Sword which includes the Type Wild Shift Car for 4200 yen.
Mechine Charcer Brake Gunner will also get a toy relese and the Brake Gunner will include the Bat Viral core which will be $40.00 and a Viral Core set  will be also be relese that will includes Chase Cobra & Chase Spider for $14.00 (spider, bat, and snake...HA).

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