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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Digimon Appmon Tokyo Toy Show Coverage Part2: The Toys/ Games

With Bandai Japan showing off their brand new stuff at their Tokyo Toy Show we got some things like toys, some stuff on the show + voice cast, Games and finally animation footage.

Part 1

thank you to coming for Part 2 and this is here right here we see the main bulk of designs for the series will be.

first off Gambri because I have to report on this because other wise yah not a lot to talk about here since live in America and don't care to much to something I can't play. Also an Nintendo 3DS game to.

And now the grad revile of the Shows Digivice thAppli Drive which is just OK to me. it is another bulky Digivice just like other Digivices in the past like the D-3, the D-Tecter, The Digivice Burst and also the Xros Loader which are all the bulky Digivice which I do not really like (except for the Digivice Burst (I LOVE SAVERS TO DEATH). But this is by far the most bulkiest Digivice their is and and seems a little unpractical to me, I mean a slider mechanic to summon the Digimon and then closing it. that just seems to complicated in the Heat of Battle. 

A thing I really like with the Digivice is that you can switch the color of the Digivice to different colors which gives you different options and feels like the old day of having different color Digivices, so that's AWESOME!

Over here we got the Appmon Band and behind it a Tablet looking device which is called the Appmon 7code Pad.

Appmon Chips with the names Weathermon, Mailmon, Cameramon, Reviewmon, Dougamon and Watchmon!

finally the main figures of the line and DAMN IT TRANSLUCENT PLASTIC, THAT'S IT I'M DONE HERE! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I HATE TRANSLUCENT PLASTIC IT'S LIKE THE VAIN OF MY LIVING! I mean over time this stuff is known to breaking and making you figure worthless in the long run. it just sucks OK and i wish that toy companies would stop using this because it breaks over time and is just not usable at all (although for a counter argument I hear good thing for the Wizard mini figures which are good and has strong connection ports for being translucent).

so enough of me ranting so from Left ro Right the Digimon we got are Gatchamon, Dogamon, DoGachamon, Hackkmon, Musimon, and Raidramon. So yes we are getting a some what DNA Digivoling like Evloution like again like Zero 2 and Xros Wars. 

and to round things off here is the price for everything

Appmon Chips – 240 yen each. Release in early October.
Appli Drive – 4,500 yen. Release in early October.
Appmon 7code Pad – 3,200 yen. Release in mid-November.
Appmon Band – 1,500 yen. Release in early October.
Appmon Pairing Cover Set – 800 yen set. Release in late October.
Appliarise Action Figures – 1,200 yen each. 

And finally Agumon & Gachamon in mascot from, so cute.

So My thoughts on all of this? I am willing to give the show a chance, I mean I'm not a fan of most of these designs except for Gatchamon and Raidramon and that's about it. I mean most of these design look like reject Yo-Kai Watch designs or a Pojemon Ripoff (especially that emoji looking one). but these are early thougts and my thoughts do change a lot from being to end. LIKE Zyuohger, I thought that show was going to suck but so far it seems pretty cool and I do like it so far and it is helping Sentai become great again, any ways that's all I got to say on the matter for this post. 

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