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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Digital-Ranger's Blog update 6-23-16 am I alive?

I am. Hello everyone Digital-Ranger doing an up to date blog post here (which I haven’t done in such a very long time 2 years I think is the last time I could imagine), but just here to give you all updates on the blog. First off new Banner for now I think I might change it latter on if I’m not too happy with it (and yes I am the one that made it myself which is why it looks like a person using Illustrator because yah that’s the truth).

Now first off the series reviews will sadly be held back till unknown as of now and will return as of I really don’t know yet. Now the reason why is because 1 I finished college (or I hope it is the end for me) and I took animation their fore I can now animate (and I am SO happy about that since I am also an animation buff). So because if that I already am working on a new project that is right now hush hush such such thing. “But that doesn’t seem that much time consuming for blog work right?” and you would be right, HOWEVER! There is another big thing that is using up all my time and that would be my web comic.

Yes believe it or not I am trying to make my own web comic and this has basically been my passion in life since I've been in Middle school, so now that I am (maybe or maybe not) done with school forever that is where I am spending almost all of my free time on perfecting it for the masses to read. I mean in the past it was do a few notes her and their since I had no real time for my writing because of my schooling and blog work but now School is done I will spend most of my time on my web comic and use my Blog time for that as well.

Now just because not to may reviews are coming out doesn’t mean I haven’t left you all hanging with nothing to do because I got a few thing to post. For starters I will do a list of my top 10 Mega Man games because I finished the entire classic series (except for Mega Man and Base/ Rockman and Forte but I don't count it as much if only just because I really don't want to play that game because it is that hard). I also may do my favorite and lease favorite Robot Masters as well (I make no promises on that). After that is my trip to Power Morphicon where me and my friend Nathan (from the Otaku-Sentai Digiranger’s podcast) will be there at the entire event.

Then when I come back from the trip and do a blog post I think I could finally start on Kamen Rider Agito (pulse it’s movies) and after that it bring us to the usual December movie athon (BTW NOT REVIEWING KAMEN RIDER 1 THE MOVIE because I want to talk Amazons with it back to back so no shitty Taisen movie this year. But yah I am not completely done with this blog. I mean if I was I would review like Kamen Rider Decade and Kuuga before I ended this blog (so keep that in mind everyone).

I am deeply sorry about this my fans (if I even had fans of my reviews in the first place) and whenever I do have time when ever to go ahead to do reviews again I will do it again, could be late into this year or sometime next year who knows but if you stick by me then great you are a trooper and if not well... but for real I get it not keeping up with me really do.

Come back for updates, Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, subscribe to the Otaku-Sentai Digiranger YouTube Channel, and have a nice day