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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Digimon Appmon new Digimon Reviled


so instead of getting new images or even info in Digimon Appmon's at like the Bandai Summer toy fair we instead got this instead now all of a sudden (which can describe how news for this show has been happening lately). So now we have images of some of the first few Digimon for this season and even the main protagonist with the seasons Digivice, and my first thoughts on this were I seen this all before. I mean looking that the main charter looks like Yuya from yugioh Arc V, that blue one he looks like Gumdramon with a Bart Simpsons hair cut, and finally that green red one looks like that 1 enemy in Mega Man Exe. Now on the right side we finally see the mascot of Appmon's who's pretty cute all things consider, he has a giant magnifying glass on his head  which is also related to the icon he is. Also an emoji Digimon (I'm already sure his adventures are more better then the Emoji movie that will get release), and also this 4 armed Digimon with headphones that looks weird.

Now while looking at this thing more closely I saw their was another Appmon, this purple looking monster  with a gun and that is all I can say about this guy too blurry.

I don't know exactly how to feel about these Digimon for certain but i just hope it is good in the end. I mean the main protagonist has goggles and just about every single Digimon protagonist had them except for Masaru Daimon, (but I really love Masaru Daimon though). I also feel like that the chances of us seeing older Digimon from just about ANY Digimon season is very unlikely since i feel like this is Xros Heat all over again with being in it's own universe with it's own Digivloution cycle. BUT speculation on my part.

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