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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Digimon Tri Dub confirmed

Sources: With the Will

Yah you are reading the tittle right Digimon Tri is getting Dub here in the U.S. now in my first Tri movie Review I said that it would be very unlikely that their would be a Tri dub for many reasons (1 would be that most of the original cast would not come back) but by my shock their really is going to be a Tri Dub, or at the very lease wait for all 6 Tri movies to be done. Now this information came to us from Jeff Nimoy Facebook and Tumbler that said "Thrilled to announce I am returning to voice Tentomon in Digimon Tri! No writing or directing this time around, but still, great to play my old digital friend again!" which also surprise me that he did do some writing for the Dub. already 1 postie for This Tri Dub is that Jeff Nimoy is coming back at Tentomon himself EVERYONE ELSE NO CLUE!

Ok not entirely no clue I mean Joshua Seth said he would come back in the Xros Wars anniversary special which never happen because I assume Nickelodeon. While Colleen O'Shaughnessey and Derek Stephen Prince were in the fusion Dub so i think they could come back. NOW there is nothing else to this news what so ever so who knows that this will be release on like DVD and is properly translated, OR just like the rest of Saban Dubs, you know what Yah in the Tri Dub the reason why Ken is the Digimon Emperor again is because he did not have the last piece of Pizza (I DIED A BIT INSIDE WRITING THIS, BUT I DON'T REGRET A THING THO). When more Tri Dub news comes out I will be there and if like this does get a DVD release well then can we have the other movies on DVD, and also can we get Savers movie Dub too?

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