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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Digimon Tri Dub update

Sources: AnimeNewsNetwork

So some update news for the Tri Dub from my last post has reviled a lot of good news. the dub will be in fact more then 300 theathers, and the best part about that is that the dub will not be done by Saban! yes that was basically my reaction to this whole news, because Saban Dubs, OH BOY MAN OH BOY! Now the people in charge of the Tri Dub is being done by Eleven Arts and looking them up they did like distributions for like a bunch of Anime movies like the Naruto movies, Eva, and finally Blue Exorcist.

Now the release date for the Tri Dub will be September 15th which is actually a not too far away from the 3rd Tri movie. Again no update on any voice actor except for Jeff Nimoy as Tentomon, AND I SWEAR Joshua Seth is just teasing us right now with him saying will he come back as Tai? This is just the best news a Digimon fan can get in my option because this is just really is the best I just can't wait for now the Dub cast to be reviled.

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